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Improved Q&A chatbot using advanced language models.
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Adfinite AI is an artificial intelligence tool that simplifies the utilization of advanced language models. It offers users the ability to harness these models without requiring a subscription.

With Adfinite AI, there are no lock-in contracts or subscriptions as users only pay for what they use. The tool operates using the GPT-4 language model, providing users access to its powerful capabilities.Adfinite AI follows a simple pricing structure, charging a flat fee of $0.1 USD per message.

This fee aims to cover the necessary server costs. Additionally, during its special launch promotion, users can receive an extra $5 in credits for free when they deposit $20 or more.In case of any issues or if users have feature requests, Adfinite AI provides a contact form to get in touch with their team.

They offer assistance to address any concerns or suggestions.Overall, Adfinite AI presents itself as a straightforward solution for leveraging advanced language models, avoiding the complexities of subscriptions and offering a transparent pricing model.

Adfinite was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 27th 2023.
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