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An app that enhances communication and automation.
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AI ChatLab is an AI toolkit app that offers users access to the latest and most advanced AI chatbots. It includes ChatGPT 3.5, a natural language processing model that can perform tasks such as language translation, question answering and text generation.

It also features YouChat, a conversational AI that is continually learning and currently in open beta. AI ChatLab also includes Perplexity AI, an “answer engine” that can provide on-demand answers to any questions by searching online, and Neeva, a privacy-focused search engine that is planning to launch its own natural language processing conversational AI.

Other features include Uminal, an AI-powered personal assistant; AndiSearch, an AI-powered search bot; Komo AI search engine; and TinyWow’s suite of free AI writing tools.

The app is user-friendly and designed to enhance daily tasks and increase productivity. It is protected by data safety regulations and encrypted in transit.

With the latest release, performance has been improved and Uminal AI assistant - a ChatGPT-like Chatbot - has been added.


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AI ChatLab was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


ChatGPT 3.5 included
YouChat in open beta
Neeva search engine
AndiSearch bot
TinyWow writing tools
User-friendly interface
Designed for productivity
Privacy-focused search engine
Encrypted data transit
Data safety compliant
Performance improvements
On-demand question answering
Language translation functionality
Text generation capabilities
Regular updates
App is ad-free
Assists in routine tasks
Web-connected personal assistant
Improved productivity tool
Some tools still improving
Easy navigation
Suitable for professionals
Data can be requested for deletion
Multiple language capabilities
Streamlining work processes
Includes ChatGPT-like Chatbot
Privacy policy transparency
Fast task execution
Location data encryption
Improved app performance
Efficient data handling
Enhances daily tasks
Diverse tool offering
Personal info data encrypted
Downloadable mobile app
Can be used for work or personal
Full suite in one app


Multiple chatbots redundancy
Complicated for beginner users
Dependent on web-connectivity
App's heavy feature reliance
Not suitable for offline
Personal data collection
No explicit end-user control
Potential redundancy in features
Limited integration options


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What makes Komo AI in AI ChatLab unique?
How can I use TinyWow’s suite of free AI writing tools included in AI ChatLab?
Are there any recent updates or features added to AI ChatLab?
How does AI ChatLab protect user data?
Is AI ChatLab encrypted in transit?
Can I request for my data to be deleted from AI ChatLab?
Are there any third party data sharing or collection policies applicable to AI ChatLab?
How can AI ChatLab increase my productivity?
Who can benefit from using AI ChatLab?
How often does AI ChatLab update or add new features?
How do you handle data safety in AI ChatLab?
Where can I download AI ChatLab?
Can AI ChatLab be used by professionals?

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