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Analyzing sentences for written integrity verification.
Generated by ChatGPT

AICheatCheck is an AI tool designed for educational institutions to maintain academic integrity by verifying the authenticity of students' work. By analyzing sentence structure and readability, the tool accurately detects the presence of a GPT model, ensuring that students' work is not generated by AI.

The tool has achieved an accuracy rate of 99.7%, which is detailed in their technical report. AICheatCheck's white paper explains the methodology followed to achieve the high accuracy and a better understanding of their model.

The tool is available for use by universities and companies, and interested parties can schedule a demo or contact them through their website. AICheatCheck only works with the English language and is most accurate above 50 words.

The tool has been featured in several news outlets and educational platforms, and the company is working on an educational tool for teachers and professors to recognize AI-written content.

AICheatCheck uses cookies to improve the product and offer a better user experience. Their Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy are available on their website.

AICheatCheck was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


High accuracy rate of 99.7%
Detailed technical report provided
Methodology explaination in white paper
Ability to schedule a demo
Specifically designed for educational institutions
Detects GPT model in assignments
Only for English language
Accurate detection above 50 words
In development for teacher tool
Featured in several news outlets
Improve system through cookies
User-friendly privacy policy available
Chat and contact support
Recognizes sentence structure
Uses readability for accuracy


Works only with English
Accuracy drops below 50 words
No apparent offline availability
Requires JavaScript
Uses cookies
Potential privacy concerns
No free trial available
Demo scheduling required
No API described


What is AICheatCheck?
How does AICheatCheck work?
Who can use AICheatCheck?
What is the accuracy rate of AICheatCheck?
In what languages does AICheatCheck operate?
Does AICheatCheck analyze documents with fewer than 50 words?
What is GPT and how does AICheatCheck detect it?
How is AICheatCheck's methodology detailed in its white paper?
What is the purpose of the demo of AICheatCheck?
Are there any other documents that provide more technical detail on AICheatCheck?
How can I get in contact with AICheatCheck's team?
Does AICheatCheck also function as an educational tool?
What is the cookie policy of AICheatCheck?
Is AICheatCheck's analysis limited to written documents?
Does AICheatCheck offer service to companies outside the educational field?
Has AICheatCheck been featured in news outlets?
What improvements were made in the latest model release of AICheatCheck?
What information is required to subscribe for updates on AICheatCheck?
Can AICheatCheck analyze non-English texts?
Why is JavaScript required to run AICheatCheck?


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