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Enhanced PDF with interactive Q&A features
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ChatPDF is an AI-powered tool that enhances the functionality of PDF documents. It allows users to upload PDFs and engage in interactive conversations with them, transforming static content into dynamic interactions.

Whether for studying, working, or exploring, ChatPDF revolutionizes the way you interact with PDFs.With ChatPDF, users can ask questions, extract information, and receive instant answers.

The updated version of the app boasts faster processing times, with tasks completed in less than a minute. Additionally, users can continue their chat with PDFs at any time, offering convenience and flexibility.Data safety is a priority for ChatPDF, and the app encrypts data while in transit, ensuring privacy and security.

The developer provides information regarding data collection practices, and updates may occur over time. Importantly, no data is collected by the app.The True Studio, the developer behind ChatPDF, has other notable apps available on Google Play, such as TrueShot - Pretty Screenshot and TruePicks Prime AI Wallpapers.

The app is available for download and has received positive reviews.Overall, ChatPDF is a productivity tool that breathes life into PDFs, allowing users to have interactive conversations with their documents.

It offers increased functionality, faster processing times, and a seamless user experience.

ChatPDF by True Studio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Interactive PDF conversations
Fast processing times
Conversation continuation anytime
Data encryption in transit
No data collection
Increased PDF functionality
Positive user reviews
Available on Google Play
Productivity enhancing tool
Max PDF upload 30MB
Developer transparency about data


Limited to PDF format
Requires Internet connection
30 MB PDF upload limit
Not explicitly designed for accessibility
Data encryption only in transit
Data privacy varies by region
No offline capabilities
In-app purchases
Available on Google Play only


What is ChatPDF by True Studio?
How does ChatPDF enhance PDF functionality?
How does the interactive conversation feature work in ChatPDF?
Can I extract information from my PDFs using ChatPDF?
How fast is the processing time for tasks in ChatPDF?
Can I continue my chat with a PDF at any point using ChatPDF?
How does ChatPDF ensure data safety and privacy?
Is my data encrypted while in transit with ChatPDF?
Does ChatPDF collect any of my data?
What are the other notable apps by the True Studio available on Google Play?
How well has the ChatPDF been received by users?
What enhancements have been made in the updated version of ChatPDF?
Where can I download the ChatPDF app?
What is the maximum PDF upload size on ChatPDF?
What are the key features of ChatPDF?
Does the ChatPDF app involve in-app purchases?
Can ChatPDF handle a conversation with any type of PDF document?
How does ChatPDF contribute to increase in productivity?
How does ChatPDF transform my interaction with PDFs?
Where can I find the privacy policy of ChatPDF?


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