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Quick video editing for social media content.
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Clippah is an AI powered video editing tool designed to help content creators quickly produce engaging videos. It features tools such as Caption TikTok, which automatically creates a vertical video with captions from a short video, Reels, which extracts viral conversation clips from a video, and Timestamp YouTube Video, which quickly generates YouTube timestamps for longer videos.

Clippah provides an easy to use interface and is currently in beta, with a free trial available.


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Clippah was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick video editing
Designed for content creators
Caption TikTok tool
Reels tool extraction
Timestamp YouTube Video tool
Easy-to-use interface
Beta testing phase
Free trial available
Caters to social media content
Automatic vertical video creation
Extracts viral conversation clips
Rapid YouTube timestamp generation


In beta stage
No API mentioned
No detailed feature descriptions
No mobile application
Limited video editing tools
Lacks advanced editing features
No collaboration tools mentioned
Unclear on data privacy
No pricing information
No offline capabilities


What is Clippah?
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What is the purpose of the 'Timestamp YouTube Video' feature in Clippah?
Is Clippah user-friendly?
Is Clippah currently in beta version?
Is there a free trial offered for Clippah?
How does 'Caption TikTok' work in Clippah?
Can Clippah extract conversation clips from a video?
How can I join Clippah's beta?
Does Clippah provide YouTube timestamps for long videos?
Can I use Clippah for my YouTube editing needs?
What's the length of the free trial for Clippah?
How can Clippah help in producing engaging videos?
Does Clippah have mobile support?
How to contact Clippah's support?
What is Clippah's 'Rip Some Reels' feature?
Is there any cost after the free trial period of Clippah?
What kind of content can I produce with Clippah?

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