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EffortlessEmail is an AI-powered tool that integrates into the Gmail User Interface, allowing users to save up to 70% of their daily email time. It accurately turns bullet points into fully-formulated emails and opens the draft in a new email or as a reply to an existing email.

The tool is free to use, with paid features available, and is designed to work with Gmail. The user can select a language and tone that suits their purpose, enter bullet points into the text box and click the ‘Submit and open Email’ button, then review and refine the content.

There are also additional resources and support available from the website and YouTube channel. The tool requires access to the user’s Google account in order to manage drafts, send emails and view email messages.

Furthermore, it will need access to the user’s primary Google account email address and personal information, including any public information. EffortlessEmail is highly rated by users, with many praising its time-saving capabilities.

EffortlessEmail was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 7th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Integrates with Gmail UI
Saves 70% daily email time
Turns bullet points into emails
Adjust language and tone
Free to use
Paid features available
Opens draft in new email
Can reply to existing emails
High user rating
Time-saving capabilities
Support resources available
Support via YouTube channel
Direct Google account access
Manages drafts
Sends emails
Views email messages
Access to personal information
Works in Google Workspace
Includes free plan
Developer support available
Can connect to external services
Has privacy policy
Offers terms of service
Highly recommended by users
Easy and quick installation


Limited to Gmail
Requires Google account access
Views user's emails
Only email drafting assistance
Runs only as Gmail add-on
Requires personal info access
Limited free plan
Paid features
Connection to external service needed


What is EffortlessEmail?
How does EffortlessEmail integrate with Gmail?
How much time can I save by using EffortlessEmail?
How does EffortlessEmail convert bullet points into emails?
What languages does EffortlessEmail support?
How can I adjust the tone of my email with EffortlessEmail?
Can I use EffortlessEmail for free?
What are the paid features of EffortlessEmail?
Does EffortlessEmail have any tutorial or support resources?
Why can’t I use EffortlessEmail with other email clients apart from Gmail?
What type of permissions does EffortlessEmail need to function?
Will EffortlessEmail have access to my personal information?
What sort of user reviews has EffortlessEmail received?
Where can I find the EffortlessEmail app on Google Workspace Marketplace?
Is EffortlessEmail available for use outside of Google Workspace?
How do I refine the content generated by EffortlessEmail?
What happens when I hit the 'Submit and open Email' button?
Can I use EffortlessEmail to write replies to existing emails?
Are there any user data privacy concerns when using EffortlessEmail?
What’s the advantage of using EffortlessEmail over alternative email writing assistance tools?


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