Cybersecurity 24 Jan 2023
Hacker AI

Generated by GPT-3

Hacker AI is a code audit tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI) developed by a French company based in Toulouse. It scans source code to identify potential security weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers or malicious actors.

With this tool, organizations can detect and fix security vulnerabilities in their source code to prevent security breaches. Hacker AI uses a GPT-3 model and is able to detect SQL injection in Python, LFI in PHP and RCE in Rust.

It is free to use during its beta phase and no account creation is required. Users simply need to upload their source code in a zip file and will receive the vulnerability detection report within 10 minutes.

AckViz is the cybersecurity agency behind Hacker AI and is composed of experienced hackers who have been serving businesses and governments for over a decade.

They provide emergency intervention in the case of cyberattacks and have worked with over 200 customers.


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