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Optimized content marketing strategy.
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KeyWI is an AI-powered content marketing tool that helps businesses create content that ranks higher in search engines and attracts more visitors. The tool provides features such as new content ideas, auto-generated briefings, content improvements, and SEO optimization suggestions.

KeyWI also offers functionality for monitoring keyword and page performance, as well as competitor analysis. The tool is suitable for different user types, including in-house and freelance copywriters, marketing teams, and digital agencies.

For copywriters, KeyWI provides better guidelines in briefings and helps to generate content faster with the support of AI. For marketing teams, the tool helps to create a content strategy with tailored content ideas, and keep track of planning and performance.

For digital agencies, KeyWI helps to speed up SEO research and track progress through an easy-to-use dashboard. KeyWI provides automated research and easy planning, so businesses need not spend more time on keyword research or competitor analysis and can start creating content that ranks immediately.

The tool also provides insights on which content is performing well and which needs improvement, helping businesses measure their return on investment.

KeyWI is trusted and used by different marketing teams, including those at Informer, Leaseplan, Sumting, and Wauw Digital Marketing. KeyWI offers three pricing plans, ranging from Basic to Professional, and also provides custom solutions.

The tool is intuitive and easy to use, and comes with customer support and a help center.


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Pros and Cons


Generates new content ideas
Auto-generates briefings
Suggests content improvements
Offers SEO optimization suggestions
Monitors keyword performance
Tracks page performance
Provides competitor analysis
Tailors content ideas for different user types
Speeds up SEO research
Automated research
Easy content planning
Indicates content performance
Shows return on investment measurement
Has a user-friendly dashboard
Multiple pricing plans
Custom solution option
Intuitive, easy to use
Customer support and help center available
Helps create a content strategy
Facilitates task management
Option to invite freelancers
Option to invite agencies
Endorsed by reputable companies
Guidance in briefings for copywriters
Facilitates content planning for teams
Turns content ideas into briefings
Keyword usage
Pre-filled briefings
Guided content creation with editor
Shows content driving business growth
Continuous automated SEO research
Provides instant content ideas
Enables faster content writing
Measures return on content performance
Offers a free trial
Option for custom solutions
Supports team collaboration
Allows in-house and freelance copywriters
Supports marketing agencies
Helps measure performance
Shows content opportunities


Limited free trial period
No mobile application
Limited to English and Dutch
No integration with CMS
Restricted content suggestions
Limited analysis metrics
No offline mode
No multi-domain management
Task management features unclear


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What features does KeyWI offer for marketing teams?
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Does KeyWI provide automated research and planning?
What kind of performance monitoring does KeyWI offer?
How can KeyWI help identify content that needs improvement?
What companies trust and use KeyWI for their marketing strategies?
What are the pricing options for KeyWI?
Does KeyWI offer custom solutions?
Is KeyWI easy to use?
Can KeyWI assist in competitor analysis?
How does KeyWI support task management?
Can KeyWI be used to invite freelancers or agencies for collaboration?
Does KeyWI provide a help center or customer support?
Who is the target user for KeyWI?
How does KeyWI aid in creating an optimized content marketing strategy?
Does KeyWI have any tutorials or demos for new users?

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