Document Q&A 26 Jun 2023
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Khrisa A.I. is an interface designed for businesses that aims to provide superpowers to users by enhancing their ability to work with PDFs and documents.

This tool allows users to leverage artificial intelligence and ChatGPT technology to analyze and interact with their own PDFs. Users can simply drag and drop their PDFs into Khrisa, and the tool will quickly process and extract key information from them.

The proprietary processing engine can handle large and detailed PDFs, making it suitable for a wide range of documents, from regular text-based documents to complex blueprints.

Once imported, users can directly query and ask questions about their PDFs using the power of ChatGPT, powered by OpenAI's API.In addition to these features, Khrisa offers collaborative capabilities, allowing users to easily share imported PDFs and collaborate with others, both internally and externally.

The tool's proprietary import pipeline goes beyond basic text extraction and incorporates OCR and image detection to fully understand each page of the document.Khrisa differentiates itself from other ChatGPT interfaces and document plugins by providing additional collaboration features and support for various language models, such as Vertex AI and Hugging Face.

The tool also offers a range of industry-specific PDF examples, demonstrating how ChatGPT technology can be applied to different domains.Users can sign up for free to test Khrisa A.I.

with their own documents, and the tool offers both monthly and annual plans for users who wish to access advanced features. Collaborative sharing, support for various file types, and the potential for future additions like a ChatGPT plugin or Chrome extension make Khrisa A.I.

a comprehensive tool for businesses looking to enhance their PDF and document workflows.

Khrisa was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Drag and drop functionality
Quick processing of PDFs
Handles large and detailed PDFs
Direct querying of PDFs
Collaboration features
Imports in various file types
OCR and image detection
Supports multiple language models
Examples of industry-specific PDFs
Free sign up available
Monthly and annual plans
Future additions planned
Proprietary import pipeline
Works with documents and blueprints
Ability to share documents
Advanced features available
Support for Hugging Face
Superpowers for document handling
Suitable for business usage
Built-in doc previews
PDFs and doc sharing
OCR for deep understanding
Interactivity with ChatGPT
No file size limit
CSV, docs and Excel support
Potential for CRM and ERP connections
Good client testimonials
Supports larger file uploads
Technical documents processing
Showcases different examples
Potential for plugin or extension
Interactive with own real time data
PDFs with ChatGPT previews
Wide range of PDF application
Works with any document
Upcoming support for more LLMs
Built-in Industry-specific document previews
Support for ChatGPT on data
Can handle user manuals
Support for public SaaS companies
Demos for different industry fields
Extracts most relevant information
Integrates with payment services like Stripe
Easily shareable documents
User-friendly interface
Highly accurate data extraction


100MB file size limit
Limited language models support
No CSV, docs support
No CRM and ERP connections
No ChatGPT plugin
No Chrome extension
Requires sign up
Paid advanced features
OCR and image detection limitations
Limited collaboration features


What is Khrisa AI?
How does Khrisa AI work with client PDFs?
What makes Khrisa's AI process unique?
What collaborative features does Khrisa offer?
How can I use Khrisa's AI to interact with my PDFs?
What other language models does Khrisa support apart from ChatGPT?
What is the cost of using Khrisa AI services?
Can Khrisa handle large and detailed PDFs?
Does Khrisa support the import of various file types?
Are there any future plans for Khrisa to come as a ChatGPT plugin or Chrome extension?
How secure is the data I share with Khrisa?
Can Khrisa help me to analyze blueprints and technical manuals?
What AI technologies does Khrisa use for document analysis?
Do I need to pay anything to test Khrisa with my own documents?
Can I share the PDFs I upload to Khrisa with others?
How does ChatGPT technology enhance Khrisa?
What industry-specific examples does Khrisa offer?
Does Khrisa limit the size of PDF files I can upload?
Can I use Khrisa for CSV, docs, and excel files in future?
What other features can I expect in Khrisa's future updates?

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