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Personalize chatbot characters for diverse applications.
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OptiTalk is a character creation service that allows users to create their own chatbot characters with unique personalities, knowledge bases, and emotions.

This service is designed to make character creation easy and accessible to users. OptiTalk Support is a chatbot specifically created to provide support for the OptiTalk service.

It runs within the OptiTalk platform and is one of the characters available in OptiTalk. With OptiTalk, users can customize their characters' backstories, personalities, favorite words, and talking styles.

OptiTalk offers a limited messaging limit per hour, but users can subscribe to OptiTalk+ to enjoy unlimited messages, create unlimited characters, and access additional benefits like prioritized support.

The service has planned features in the pipeline, such as character recognition of other media forms like images and the ability for characters to execute commands.Character Assistant, another tool within the directory, assists users in creating their desired characters.

It can create characters based on user-provided descriptions, including backstories, traits, favorite words, response styles, and example conversations.

Character Assistant can also provide a knowledge base for characters if requested by users. However, it must be noted that Character Assistant only provides character details and does not directly create the characters themselves.

Character Assistant can respond in Markdown, utilizing tables, lists, headings, etc., for a visually pleasing conversation format.Overall, OptiTalk and Character Assistant cater to users seeking to develop and customize chatbot characters with distinct personalities and functionalities, enabling a wide range of applications such as customer support, entertainment, and more.

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Jul 23, 2023
great ai BUT ITS FUCKING LIMITIED!!!!!!!!!!! i have to subscribe THAT is bull shit

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Pros and Cons


Unique chatbot character creation
Customizable personalities, knowledge bases
Emotion sophsitication in characters
Option for backstory creation
Variable talking styles
Characters can execute commands
Future planned image recognition
Character Assistant for guidance
Responsive tool ins Markdown
Multifunction applications (support, entertainment)
Subscription options for added benefits
Prioritized support for OptiTalk+
Unlimited characters in OptiTalk+
Unlimited messages for OptiTalk+


Limited messaging limit
Subscription needed for unlimited access
No direct character creation
Only support via chatbot
Incomplete feature implementation
No image recognition
No command execution
Not mobile-friendly
Lacks built-in analytics
No multi-language support


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What additional benefits do I get with OptiTalk+?
Are there any upcoming features in OptiTalk?
Does OptiTalk acknowledge media forms such as images?
What is Character Assistant and how does it help in creating characters?
Does Character Assistant create the characters directly?
Can Character Assistant provide a knowledge base for characters?
In what format does Character Assistant respond?
Can I use OptiTalk for applications like customer support and entertainment?
How do I sign up for OptiTalk?
What does 'prioritized support' in OptiTalk+ mean?
Can I create unlimited characters with OptiTalk+?
Can my chatbot character on OptiTalk execute commands?
Can Character Assistant create characters based on example conversations?
What is the messaging limit per hour for basic OptiTalk users?
Can OptiTalk chatbot characters have their own unique emotions and backstories?

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