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Originality.AI is an AI-powered plagiarism checker and AI detector built specifically for content publishers. It provides users with the ability to check their content for originality, quickly and easily identify any potential plagiarism, and detect if AI tools were used to create the content.

The tool is designed to be used by serious web publishers, content agencies, and website buyers.The team at Originality.AI has worked with top AI experts to develop and train their own AI to predict if any of the popular AI writers using (GPT-3, GPT-2, GPT-NEO, GPT-J) were used to create the content, with a success rate of 94%+ accuracy on 50+ words.

It also provides a score from 0-100 on the chance that the content scanned was produced by an AI writing tool, giving users greater insight into their content.The tool also includes features such as Team Management to allow users to manage their team easily and securely, and Full Site Scan (coming soon) to allow users to enter a URL and scan an entire website for AI generated content.

With the auto-billing feature for credits, users will never have their team waiting for credits again. Originality.AI is less expensive than other outdated plagiarism checking tools, with a price of $0.01 per 100 words per scan.

It is also a massive improvement to businesses, providing increased confidence that content is produced by humans and is plagiarism free, as well as saving time and money.


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