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Unique lifelike digital voice creation for businesses.
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ReadSpeaker is an AI voice innovation company that provides brands, agencies, and developers with the technology to enhance customer experiences across touchpoints with custom digital voices.

They offer a range of solutions for creating lifelike digital interactions, including custom Text-To-Speech (TTS) voices, voice cloning software, and a library of TTS voices in over 35 languages.

Through their VoiceLab, ReadSpeaker provides industry expertise to help businesses understand and leverage the voice economy. They also use machine learning and input from in-house voice experts to create digital voices that match the application and brand values.

ReadSpeaker's proprietary deep neural network TTS models create a unique and lifelike voice that can be used for any application on any platform or device.

They have over 20 years of experience in pioneering TTS technology, and have offices throughout the globe to provide local support.

ReadSpeaker AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Custom Text-To-Speech Voices
Voice Cloning Software
TTS Voices Library
Offered in 35 languages
Covers wide range of applications
Lifelike digital interactions
Available on any platform
Local support globally
Over 20 years of experience
Proprietary DNN TTS models
Custom digital voices
Wide range of TTS voices
Voice economy consultations
Expertise in voice-based CX enhancement
Flexible branding through voice cloning
Precise voice representation
Integration with smart home devices
Useful in gaming
Useful in finance technology
Useful in automotive applications
Industry-specific voice solutions
Effective in experiential marketing
Effective automation of IVR systems
Creates distinct brand voice
Global presence
Dynamic runtime neural TTS
Available on all devices
Integration with voice commerce
Partnerships with industry leaders
Applicable for gaming developments
Unique voice for each application
Works with integrated voice response systems
Award-winning voice technology
Original voice experiences


No Open API
Requires in-house expertise
No transparent pricing
Limited language variety
Customization process not clear
Limited voice models
Unclear integration process


What is ReadSpeaker AI?
How does ReadSpeaker AI create lifelike digital voices?
What is the VoiceLab feature in ReadSpeaker?
How does ReadSpeaker AI use machine learning in voice innovation?
What types of solutions does ReadSpeaker offer for voice innovation?
How many languages does ReadSpeaker AI cover?
What is the voice cloning software offered by ReadSpeaker?
How can ReadSpeaker AI be used in different applications?
What is the ReadSpeaker AI's Custom Text-To-Speech (TTS) Voices solution?
How does the proprietary deep neural network of ReadSpeaker AI work?
Does ReadSpeaker AI offer any consultation or expertise in voice economy?
Is there any demo or sample voice available with ReadSpeaker AI?
Can ReadSpeaker AI create a brand-specific voice?
Does ReadSpeaker AI offer any support for integrating their technology into my systems?
How is the quality and uniqueness of voice ensured in ReadSpeaker AI?
What experience does ReadSpeaker AI hold in the TTS technology?
Can ReadSpeaker AI's solutions be used across multiple platforms?
What industries can benefit from ReadSpeaker AI's technology?
Does ReadSpeaker AI have any form of customer support or help center?
How can I contact ReadSpeaker AI for inquiries and support?


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