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Create unique artworks through text input.
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RollArtDie is an AI tool that allows users to generate artworks using only text. It is designed to run locally and privately, securely on Apple Silicon devices, meaning that no cloud subscription is required and no active internet connection is needed.

It is built on the stable diffusion public AI and its main purpose is to empower new and existing artists to create AI artworks, similar to how Photoshop has become a go-to tool for digital art.

The generated artworks can take up to a couple of minutes for a simple image to generate on a M1 MacBook Air and up to 20 seconds on a Mac Studio with the default settings.

It does not collect any data on the prompt’s, image description, or generated artworks and users can download the app from the Apple App Store for free during the initial launch week.

Currently, it is only available on Apple Silicon Macbooks, but it may be released for Intel Macbooks and Windows devices in the future if the app is popular enough.


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