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ChatGPT is a Windows-based application that seamlessly integrates the OpenAI-powered ChatGPT tool into any application. With ChatGPT, users can generate text responses quickly and easily in any context without having to switch tabs or open the OpenAI website.

Users simply need to enter "gpt:" followed by their prompt into any text field inside any application and press shift + enter to generate a response. ChatGPT works with any app and is extremely user-friendly.

The tool only sends prompt data to OpenAI modules and stores no user data or analytics, ensuring complete privacy and security. ChatGPT allows users to generate text responses for various purposes, including article writing or email writing, making it a useful tool for anyone needing a little help with generating text.

The software requires JavaScript to run and works offline as it is run completely on the user's PC. The default parameters include temperature at 0.6, max tokens at 1024, and the model is set to 'text-davinci-003.' Users can email the developer to adjust these parameters.

Any updates or new features added to the software will be emailed to the user. There are two versions of the software available, the public version at $10.99 and the developer version at $85.99.

Users who purchase the developer version can reuse the source code or use the provided guide to make it available for MacOS.

Seamless GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Windows-based application
Seamlessly integrates into applications
Works with any app
User-friendly interface
Ensures complete privacy
Requires only JavaScript
Functionality works offline
Adjustable parameters
Updates emailed to users
Developer version available
Generates text responses quickly
Can be used for email and article writing
Run completely on user's PC
Stores no user data
No need to switch tabs
Instant and accurate results
Emailed software updates
Source code reusability in developer version
MacOS compatibility guide provided
No contact with the developers
APIKEY is read locally
Compatible with Excel and VSCode
Allows for work efficiency


Windows-based only
Requires JavaScript
Offline functionality limits
Fixed default parameters
Parameter adjustment via email
Updates via email
Two versions can confuse
Expensive developer version
No direct developer contact
No analytics for improvement


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Can I use ChatGPT for article writing or email writing?
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Can I use ChatGPT if I have MacOS?
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Are there any discount codes available for purchasing ChatGPT?
How does ChatGPT ensure my data and privacy are safe?
Why do I need JavaScript to use ChatGPT?
How can I use the 'text-davinci-003' model in ChatGPT?
Is there any server connection involved while using ChatGPT?
How does ChatGPT read my API key?
What security measures does ChatGPT take for data and privacy risk?

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