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Virtual assistant for improving text and productivity.
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Sheldon is a free AI assistant, available as a ChatGPT extension for Google Chrome, that aims to save users 40% of their browsing time. It functions as a virtual assistant that uses OpenAI's ChatGPT to provide various services such as generating content, Excel formulas, writing code snippets, and professional emails.

Sheldon is compatible with popular websites like Google searches, Gmail, Google sheets, and other online platforms where users write and search for information.

Sheldon's users can provide context, tone, and content requirements for emails, and the tool generates relevant text. It can help users master complex Excel formulas by suggesting an appropriate formula based on the desired function or operation.

It's also capable of generating various types of content for marketing campaigns, including Twitter threads, LinkedIn posts, website copy, and video scripts.

Sheldon saves users' time by providing them with automatic code snippets or step-by-step instructions to solve coding problems. The tool includes a troubleshooting feature and is available only for Google Chrome users.

Users can suggest additional features to be added to Sheldon, and the tool is continuously updated for better performance.


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Pros and Cons


Free tool
Chrome Extension
Saves 40% browsing time
Generates content
Generates Excel formulas
Generates code snippets
Writes professional emails
Compatible with Google platforms
Adaptable email context and tone
Suggests appropriate Excel formulas
Generates marketing content
Troubleshooting feature
Continuously updated
User feature suggestions
Generates website copy
Suggests content topics
Automates code for problems
Gives coding instructions
Over 200 professional users
Generates LinkedIn Posts
Generates Twitter Threads
Generates video scripts
Guides Excel operations
Generates email replies
Plans for more browser compatibility
Unlimited usage for free
Upgrade options available
Request new feature option


Only available on Chrome
Limited website compatibility
No offline functionality
Lacks native app version
No advanced customization options
User-driven feature updates
Suspicious of automated usage
No sync with other devices
ChatGPT model limitations


What is Sheldon AI?
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How does Sheldon help with writing emails?
How can Sheldon AI assist with coding?
Can Sheldon AI generate Excel formulas?
Which internet platforms is Sheldon AI compatible with?
How does Sheldon AI save me browsing time?
Can I provide input on Sheldon's generated content?
How does Sheldon resolve coding problems?
Is Sheldon AI compatible with all browsers?
Can I suggest new features to be added in Sheldon?
How does Sheldon troubleshooting work?
Is Sheldon AI free to use?
How does Sheldon AI leverage ChatGPT technology?
How often does Sheldon AI receive updates?
What benefits do users experience from using Sheldon AI?
How does Sheldon AI help optimize time spent on the internet?

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