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Experiment with interior design styles visually.
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Space Planner AI is a tool that allows users to transform interior images into beautiful designs. Users can capture and upload an image of their current room, and the AI technology will render the image, which can then be viewed on the website.

It is recommended to take the photo at a 90-degree angle, facing a wall or window horizontally, to ensure optimal results. Wide-angle or angled photos are not currently optimized by the AI.

The tool offers various features, including a room selection option with a range of room types, such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, and more. Additionally, users can choose from a wide range of design styles, such as modern, Scandinavian, minimalist, and others.

Users can also adjust the strength of alterations, from subtle to drastic changes, and select the resolution of the rendered image. The tool provides both public and private rendering options, with the option to upgrade to the Pro version for access to high-quality, unlimited private renders in a dedicated workspace.

Overall, Space Planner AI offers users the ability to visualize and experiment with different design ideas for their interior spaces. With its rendering capabilities and customization options, users can explore various design styles and make informed decisions about their room design.

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Pros and Cons


Transforms uploaded images
Visualize interior design styles
90-degree image processing
Wide variety of room types
Broad range of design styles
Alteration strength adjustment
Multiple resolution options
Public and private rendering
Subscription-based Pro version
High-quality rendering with Pro
Provides private workspaces
Supports image up to 10MB
Style based renders
Room type selection
Seasonal design styles
Fast render time with low-resolution
Slow render time with high resolution
Empowers informed design decisions
Offers registration and login system
Accessible billing portal
Detailed pricing information
User-profile features


Limited photo orientation
Not optimized for wide-angle
High-quality renders require upgrade
Pro version for private renders
No mobile app
Photo size limit 10MB
Limited render speed options
Pro version for certain room types
Pro version for certain design styles
Suboptimal for professional use


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How does Space Planner AI help me in making room design decisions?
Why should I choose Space Planner AI for interior design?


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