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Transform speech into summarized text.
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Summify is a mobile application that allows users to record and summarize any speech using artificial intelligence. Whether the speech takes place in a university lecture, a school class, or a business meeting, Summify aims to make documenting spoken information more efficient and accurate.

Powered by advanced AI technologies from OpenAI, including the Whisper AI model and ChatGPT, the app transcribes text with high accuracy and creates meaningful summaries of recorded speech.

Even in a noisy environment, the app captures quiet voices effectively. Users can edit the transcripts if needed and all voice notes are stored locally on the user's device for privacy.

They are also sent to OpenAIs servers directly from the user's phone for processing, ensuring only the user and OpenAI have access to the recordings. Further, Summify allows users to upload local files for transcription and summarization.

Its main goal is to boost productivity and facilitate better focus during lectures or meetings by handling the task of documentation.

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Pros and Cons


High accuracy transcriptions
Summary creation
Effectively captures quiet voices
Works in noisy environment
Editable transcripts
Privacy: voice notes stored locally
Upload local files functionality
Boosts productivity
Facilitates better focus
Voice-to-text capability
Handling documentation tasks
In-app purchases available
100+ Downloads
Captures any length audio
Supports remote learning
Suitable for education and business
Transcribes and summarizes text
Data encrypted in transit
Data deletion request option
App regularly updated


Limited to mobile devices
Potentially inaccurate summarization
Quiet voices only effective
Dependent on stable internet
Limited file formats
Local files upload only
Not suitable for multilingual
Transcription editing required
Lacks offline functionality
In-app purchases required


What is Summify?
How does Summify work?
Does Summify transcribe and summarize speech automatically?
Can Summify effectively capture quiet voices even in noisy environments?
Can Summify's transcript be edited by users?
Where are the voice notes stored?
Who has access to my recordings in Summify?
Can Summify handle local files for transcription and summarization?
What AI technologies does Summify use?
How can Summify boost my productivity during lectures or meetings?
Do I need an internet connection to use Summify?
Is Summify available for both iOS and Android?
How accurate is the transcription in Summify?
How does Summify ensure user privacy?
Can Summify be used for business meetings?
How does the summarization feature in Summify work?
Can Summify handle long recordings?
Are there any limitations on the length of the speech that Summify can record and transcribe?
What languages does Summify support?
How can I contact Summify's customer support?


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