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Coach by TalentGenius is an AI-powered job search tool that aims to help users find their ideal career path. By importing their LinkedIn profile or resume and building a profile, users can provide Coach with the necessary information to understand their unique needs and aspirations.

With this insight, Coach offers personalized answers and guidance.Users can browse through their favorite job listing sites, whether general or tech-specific, such as Indeed or Dice.

When they come across a job listing of interest, they can highlight the entire listing using their mouse. The more information provided, the more tailored the responses from Coach will be.Once the highlighting is done, users can access the TalentGenius Coach menu, which offers questions that have been trained to consider the answers given in the profile, as well as the user's background and history.

This feature allows users to start a conversation with Coach, seeking unbiased and relevant advice.Coach by TalentGenius aims to empower users in their job search journey, providing AI-guided assistance beyond the limitations of a traditional resume.

By using this tool, users can gain insights and direction to help them land the perfect job that meets their individual needs and career aspirations.Please note that the provided text contained multiple links that were excluded from the description.


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TalentGenius Coach was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized career guidance
LinkedIn profile import
Resume import
Adaptable to user aspirations
Interactive conversational features
Unbiased job search advice
Supports multiple job listing sites
Highlighting feature for detailed analysis
Tailored responses based on profile
Emphasizes personal needs
Context-aware conversation
Integrates user's background and history
Goes beyond traditional resume
User empowerment focused
Cover letter shortcut feature
Provides career path insights
Helps in targeting interview prep
Chrome extension availability
Ease of information sharing
Provides clarity in job search
Encourages active user participation
Promotes precision in job search
Supports general and tech-specific sites
Responsive coaching menu
Targeted at user's unique needs


Requires LinkedIn or resume import
Manual highlighting of job ads
Limited to Chrome extension
Dependency on user's profile completeness
No mobile app
Lacks aggregate data comparison


What is TalentGenius Coach?
How does TalentGenius Coach use AI?
How does importing a LinkedIn profile or resume into TalentGenius Coach help?
Can TalentGenius Coach be used on any job listing site?
How do I use TalentGenius Coach to analyze a job listing?
What is the purpose of highlighting a job listing in TalentGenius Coach?
How does TalentGenius Coach provide personalized answers?
What is the TalentGenius Coach menu and what does it offer?
How does TalentGenius Coach help users start a conversation?
How can TalentGenius Coach assist in my job search journey?
What insights can I gain from using TalentGenius Coach?
How does TalentGenius Coach analyze my career aspirations?
Can TalentGenius Coach help me prepare a cover letter?
How can TalentGenius Coach help me with interview preparation?
Who can use TalentGenius Coach?
What is the chrome extension of TalentGenius Coach?
How does TalentGenius Coach help in finding the ideal job?
How does TalentGenius Coach tailor its responses?
What are the limitations of using TalentGenius Coach?
What are the privacy terms for TalentGenius Coach?

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