Learning 24 Feb 2023
Teddy AI

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Teddy AI is an interactive educational support tool designed for children. Its gamified learning feature analyzes the user's learning patterns and tailors the teaching method to best support the learner.

Teddy AI uses machine learning and AI technology to create a structured and personalized environment for each learner's progress and knowledge level. The tool also provides two-way conversational AI technology to respond to learners' educational and interpersonal needs.

The system is being tested to facilitate and support specific learning techniques for young learners with ADHD, dyslexia, and ASD. Teddy AI offers different ways to learn playfully and creatively, engaging with the tool to earn rewards while learning and playing.

Users can interact with Teddy AI via zoom or other alternative communicative formats. The tool promises to be a supportive buddy that responds to the learners' needs as it offers a separate world for the kids.

The app preview provides an opportunity to explore Teddy's world fully. Teddy AI has received positive feedback from users such as children, teachers, and parents.

In summary, Teddy AI is an AI-based educational support tool that helps children learn and playfully engage with the system while offering customized support for neurodiverse young learners.


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