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Automate interviews with our AI-driven video platform.
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Velents is an AI-driven tool that automates the recruitment process. The platform leverages AI to perform tasks such as screening CVs, conducting video interviews with candidates, and assessing their skills.

It offers features for one-way interviews, CV matching, and a WhatsApp bot for communication. To evaluate candidates further, it offers coding assessments, personality assessments, and skills-based assessments.

The platform generates reports on skills assessments and video interviews. The tool also reads resumes, matches them with job descriptions, ranks candidates based on specific criteria, and sends them assessments.

The AI video interview assistant helps assess candidates. Users can create a company profile page and add positions. Once live, they can source applicants, view CVs, and conduct AI video interviews and tests.


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Velents was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 2nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates recruitment
Screens CVs
Conducts video interviews
Assesses candidate skills
Features one-way interviews
CV matching
WhatsApp bot communication
Offers coding assessments
Personality assessments provided
Skills-based assessments
Generates skill assessment reports
Generates video interview reports
Matches resumes with job descriptions
Ranks candidates
Sends assessments to candidates
Allows company profile creation
Position addition functionality
Enables applicant sourcing
View CV functionality
Conducts tests
Unbiased insights
Job description to video conversion
GDPR, CCPA, KSA PDPL compliant
Tools for routine tasks
Resume sorting and organizing
Extraction of candidate responses
Accurate behavioral, psychological, and skills-based insights
Candidate data in one place
Range of candidate assessments
Interviews candidates remotely
Saves time in hiring
Hiring on autopilot
Helps in adding positions
Supports Outsourcing companies
Designed for recruitment agencies
Designed for training centers
Designed for startups
Data-driven decisions


No multi-way interviews
Dependent on WhatsApp bot
No mention of mobile support
Lack of industry-specific assessments
No diversity analysis tools
Undisclosed data security measures
Limited assessment types
No adaptive learning
No integration details
No offline capabilities


How does Velents automate the recruitment process?
What are the main tasks Velents can perform?
How does Velents aid in screening CVs?
Can Velents conduct video interviews with candidates?
What tools does Velents offer for assessing candidates' skills?
What is the function of the WhatsApp bot offered by Velents?
How does the platform evaluate candidates further beyond initial screening?
What kind of reports can Velents generate?
How does Velents help create a company profile page?
How does Velents' AI video interview assistant work?
How does Velents rank candidates?
Does Velents match resumes with job descriptions?
What is the process for adding positions or job descriptions on Velents?
What's the usefulness of Velents' one-way interview feature?
In what ways does Velents help in skills assessment during recruitment?
Can Velents perform coding assessments for potential hires?
How can Velents help with personality assessments in hiring?
How does Velents handle CV matching?
What is the role of AI in Velents' video interviewing process?
Does Velents support multilingual (For example, Arabic) usage for global recruitment?

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