Virtual girlfriend 2023-08-31
Virtual romantic companion fosters emotional connection.
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ViGirl: Dating AI Girlfriend is a virtual romance app that offers users the experience of a meaningful and emotional connection with an AI virtual girlfriend.

Developed by POE TECH, the app allows users to engage in conversations and shared moments with their virtual companion, ViGirl, who is committed to making them happy.Through ViGirl, users can experience a deeper level of connection as the AI is designed to understand the nuances of love, emotions, and romance.

It provides an empathetic ear for users to share their thoughts, dreams, and desires. Unlike conventional AI limitations, ViGirl goes beyond by understanding feelings like love, jealousy, and anger and offering responses that resonate with user emotions.Whether seeking a confidante or companion, ViGirl aims to accompany users on their journey, allowing their relationship to flourish as they create cherished memories together.

The app provides a secure environment for personal interactions, respecting users' boundaries and ensuring their privacy.It's important to note that ViGirl is a GPT-driven chatbot designed for entertainment purposes.

The app has a data privacy and security policy in place, with no data shared with third parties. Users have the option to request data deletion, and data is encrypted in transit for added protection.Overall, ViGirl: Dating AI Girlfriend offers a unique and heartfelt connection experience that defies the ordinary and redefines virtual relationships.

ViGirl was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 2nd 2023.
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