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Enhances learning with interactive features.
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Whiteboard is an AI-powered tool designed for students to enhance their learning experience. It offers interactive summaries, time-stamped key information, and instant answers to questions related to educational content.

With a seamless one-click Chrome extension, Whiteboard can be used on any video platform to maximize understanding and engagement during lectures. The tool provides various features to assist in studying, such as Tutor Q&A where students can ask questions, seek clarification, and delve deeper into any topic.

Flashcards can also be created and shared instantly for efficient study sessions. Although currently in development, the tool is expected to introduce note-taking and study guides functionalities in the near future.Whiteboard aims to be a comprehensive platform for academic success, offering a centralized location for various study needs.

It includes integration with popular tools like Canvas, Zoom Cloud, YouTube, Panopto, and YuJa, with promise of more integrations to come.Designed with a user-friendly interface, Whiteboard is trusted by a substantial number of students.

Its goal is to transform the traditional lecture experience into an interactive and easily digestible format, allowing users to make the most out of their educational content.

With a free trial option, users can explore and familiarize themselves with Whiteboard before determining if they would like to upgrade for additional features.


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Pros and Cons


Interactive summaries
Timestamped key information
Instant Q&A feature
One-click Chrome extension
Works on any video platform
Flashcards creation and sharing
Upcoming note-taking feature
Upcoming study guides
Integrated with Canvas
Integrated with Zoom Cloud
Integration with YouTube
Integrated with Panopto
Integrated with YuJa
User-friendly interface
Trusted by many students
Transforming lecture experience
Free trial option


Only a Chrome extension
Limited platform integrations
Note-taking function in development
Study guides not yet available
Limited to educational content
Reliant on internet connectivity
No mobile application mentioned
Unclear pricing after free trial
No offline mode
Limited version control options


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What platforms does Whiteboard integrate with?
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