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WhatsApp chatbot: tips, travel, fitness, & more.
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Ask Sara - ChatGPT in WhatsApp is an AI-powered chatbot tool designed to provide various services, including generating images, giving productivity tips, conducting personal travel arrangements, and assisting in fitness coaching.

It can also summarize favorite books, converse with users in different languages, and conduct voice messaging through WhatsApp. The tool offers a free trial for new users, providing ten messages per month without any support.

Additionally, Ask Sara - ChatGPT is available in different paid plans, with Standard and Pro, offering 1000 and unlimited messages per month, respectively.

Standard and Pro plans are equipped with the ability to generate 100 or unlimited images and provide access to new features, while only Pro plan users are entitled to priority email and chat support.

The tool is a versatile AI chatbot that can assist in different areas of daily life, such as productivity, travel, and wellness, with the convenience of being easily accessible through WhatsApp.

Users can engage with the chatbot to have better experiences with these areas and access their services in a user-friendly and automated way.

Ask Sara was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free trial available
Available through Whatsapp
Generates images
Gives productivity tips
Assists in travel arrangements
Fitnes coaching service
Summarizes favorite books
Multilingual converse capability
Voice messaging functionality
Different paid plans available
Unlimited messaging in Pro plan
Image generation with paid plans
Access to new features
Priority email and chat support
Productivity aid
Fitness chatbot coaching
Language versatility
Accessible in different plans
Automated services
Generates images
Enhanced user engagement


Limited free trial messages
No support with free trial
Pricing for more messages
Limited image generation requests
Priority support only for Pro
Need WhatsApp for functionality
May lack certain language proficiency
No listed offline functionality
Fewer features for standard users
No mentioned API integration


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Can Ask Sara - ChatGPT send voice messages through WhatsApp?
Does Ask Sara - ChatGPT offer a free trial?
What are the differences between the Standard and Pro plans?
How many messages do I get on each of Ask Sara - ChatGPT's plans?
How do image generation allocations work with paid plans?
Are there any additional benefits for Pro users?
How can I sign up for Ask Sara - ChatGPT?
Where can I find Ask Sara - ChatGPT's privacy policy?
Does Ask Sara - ChatGPT provide any support services?
In what ways can Ask Sara - ChatGPT shape my daily productivity?
Why should I use Ask Sara - ChatGPT via WhatsApp?
Does Ask Sara - ChatGPT collaborate with OpenAI?


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