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Streamlined meetings with bots & searchable assets.
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AvaTouch is a generative video bot meeting system that aims to streamline and enhance 1-on-1 meetings by providing various features and functionalities.

It offers the ability to conduct meetings with bots, create summaries and minutes, provide language translation and interpretation, and generate searchable digital assets.The tool claims to significantly reduce the time spent on internal meetings, personnel training, and customer development.

It simplifies information sharing by answering questions in a clear and sequential manner, along with simultaneous screen sharing. All meetings held with AvaTouch are automatically recorded and converted into digital content, including concise minutes and summaries.

Additionally, screen-shared content can be converted into video format.AvaTouch makes it easy to share content on platforms like Slack and Discord, allowing recipients to review photos and minutes to get a comprehensive understanding of the meeting's content.

The tool supports multiple languages and offers easy translation of minutes. It further enables interpretation in other languages, facilitating effective communication regardless of linguistic barriers.One of its key features is the ability to search and retrieve specific information from the video content, automatically generated minutes, and organized channels.

This search capability aids in self-resolution and prevents redundant explanations within an organization. AvaTouch provides various search methods, including searching by text on video, minute text, title, and channel.Overall, AvaTouch aims to revolutionize traditional web meetings by leveraging AI to streamline the meeting process, improve information dissemination, enhance collaboration, and facilitate effective communication across language barriers.


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AvaTouch was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Streamlines meetings with bots
Generates summaries and minutes
Provides language translation and interpretation
Generates searchable digital assets
Reduces time spent on meetings
Simplifies information sharing
Offers simultaneous screen sharing
Automatically records meetings
Converts screen-shared content into video
Share content on Slack and Discord
Supports multiple languages
Searches specific info in video content
Organizes channels for easy searchability
Search by text on video
Search by minute text
Search by title and channel
Exceptional search function utilization
Supports 9 languages
Automated summary and minutes
Easy sharing to external parties
Content exchange with timestamp specification
Automatic translation of minutes
Organizes videos by channel function
Timing of search function utilization explained
Cuts man-hours in half
Free registration for use
Over 50 template questions available
Automatically converts meeting content into digital content
Supports video of screen-shared content
Easy comment exchange by specifying seconds
Handles explanations in multiple languages
Archives all details of conversations
Allows sharing to SNS
On-demand interpretation available
Automated transcription of meetigs
Text search in video
Posting comments on video
Double speed playback
Chrome extensions support


Only supports Google Chrome
Limited free plan
Credit card only payments
Not friendly for non-professional users
Limited language support (9 languages)
Streaming depends on network quality
Limited social media sharing
Automatic transcription may have errors
Dependent on a bot (Tommy)
Content might get misinterpreted


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How does the language translation feature work in AvaTouch?
Does AvaTouch record all meetings?
How can AvaTouch minimize the time spent on internal meetings and training?
How does AvaTouch improve communication across different languages?
Can AvaTouch content be easily shared on platforms like Slack and Discord?
Can AvaTouch create searchable digital assets?
What types of content are searchable within AvaTouch?
How can AvaTouch aid in self-resolution?
Can AvaTouch convert screen-shared content into a video format?
What are the benefits of using AvaTouch over traditional meeting systems?
How can AvaTouch help to reduce redundancies in organization?
What are AvaTouch's key capabilities related to language translation and interpretation?
Are AvaTouch meetings automatically transcribed?
Can AvaTouch automate the process of creating meeting summaries?
How do AvaTouch's search features improve productivity?
What are the pricing options for AvaTouch?

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