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Insight platform for customer retention.
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B2Metric IQ Analytics is a smart personalization and marketing intelligence platform that leverages advanced analytics and AI-powered insights to help improve business performance.

The platform provides self-service behavior insight tool that gives insights on how to increase customer retention through real-time data analysis of complex customer digital journeys.

B2Metric IQ Analytics provides a 85% predictive accuracy rate for decision making by marketing and product teams. The platform offers a simple AI-based predictive analytics solution for marketing, growth and product teams.

B2Metric IQ Analytics equips growth and marketing teams to make smarter decisions through flexible reporting and personalizes marketing messages through integration with Facebook and Google Ads.

The platform offers a Behavioral graph to enable businesses to understand customer journeys, implement performance optimization and deliver better marketing experiences to drive business.

B2Metric IQ Analytics also provides cohort analysis to analyze primary differences in cohort behaviors that affect conversion, churn, and retention.The platform offers predictive models that provide insights into subscriber or churn predictions and personal product recommendation to increase conversion.

B2Metric IQ Analytics can be integrated with various data resources and marketing automation platforms such as MailChimp, Zoho, and One Signal, offering a one-dashboard solution for all data resources.

The platform has received positive testimonials from notable companies across industries such as Mynet, AktifBank, AkSİgorta, MetLife, Tofas, leading Energy and Utilities Industry Company, Gain, and Bilyoner.


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Pros and Cons


Self-service behavior insight tool
Real-time data analysis
85% predictive accuracy rate
Integration with Facebook Ads
Integration with Google Ads
Behavioral graph for customer journey
Performance optimization offered
Cohort analysis for conversion
Predictive models for marketing
Integration with MailChimp
Integration with Zoho
Integration with One Signal
One-dashboard solution for data
Positive testimonials from industry leaders
Personalized marketing message creation
Flexible reporting for smarter decisions
Helps increase customer retention
Offers user propensity
Offers churn probability
Offers likelihood to buy
Offers retention prediction
Creates explainable machine learning models
Can increase customer retention by 35%
Predicts churn
Analytics for complex digital customer journeys
Plug & Play +50 customer data sources
Integration with 10+ marketing automation platforms
Subscriber or churn prediction
Personal product recommendation
Next-Best Action Modelling
Coverage for widest data integration
Helps build a data-informed culture
Visualize primary differences in cohort behaviors
Automated machine learning solutions
Offers customer segmentation
Highly customizable solution
Predictive insights for campaign optimization
Optimized for cross-functional teams
Predictive behavioral analytics
Performance marketing optimization
Demand & sales forecasting
Fraud detection
Risk scoring
Damage estimation


85% predictive accuracy rate
Limited integration platforms
Complex setup for beginner
No free trial mentioned
No mobile app mentioned
Limited language support
May not support all data types
No offline availability
Limited predictive models
No customized reporting options


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