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Enhanced group chat collaboration with document sharing.
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ChatDocHub is a platform designed to facilitate document-driven group chats and collaboration. It offers several features to enhance the chat experience.

Users can chat and talk with multiple PDF files simultaneously, allowing for efficient document sharing and collaboration. The tool also provides support for multiple languages, enabling users to communicate in their language of choice.

Real-time messaging is available, allowing instant communication among users. Group chat functionality enables discussions involving multiple participants, while private and public group options offer flexibility in terms of conversation privacy.

Users receive notifications to stay informed about ongoing interactions. ChatDocHub also supports the use of emojis, adding an expressive element to conversations.

The tool enables real-time collaboration, allowing simultaneous editing and communication within shared documents. Threaded discussions feature helps organize conversations around specific topics or questions.

Global accessibility is emphasized, ensuring users can engage in their preferred language. User roles and permissions control access levels and editing capabilities to maintain document integrity and security.

Furthermore, ChatDocHub offers different pricing plans to cater to various needs, with options ranging from a free plan to enterprise-level custom plans.

The tool also provides API access for developers, allowing integration into other applications. ChatDocHub aims to empower group collaboration with multiple PDFs, Q&A, and real-time knowledge sharing, providing a comprehensive platform for document-driven conversations.


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Pros and Cons


Multiple PDFs in chat
Multi-language support
Real-time messaging
Private and public groups
User notifications
Emoji support
Real-time collaboration
Threaded discussions
Global accessibility
Controlled user roles and permissions
Different pricing plans
API access
Simultaneous editing and communication
Document integrity maintenance
Supports Q&A
Real-time knowledge sharing
Free plan option
Enterprise custom plans
High question limit (Ultimate)
High PDF limit (Ultimate)
High API request limit (Mega)
Live API support
PDF specific API
Unlimited chat groups
Security through access control


Limited to PDF files
Charging for additional API requests
No support for other file types
Not fully free
Daily limits on PDF files
Restriction on number of questions
No mention of mobile support
No intrinsic data backup
Potential delays in live support
Limited API in the free plan


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Does ChatDocHub send user notifications?
Can you use emojis on ChatDocHub?
What is real-time collaboration in ChatDocHub?
What does ChatDocHub mean by threaded discussions?
Can ChatDocHub be accessed from anywhere around the world?
Can you control user roles and permissions on ChatDocHub?
Does ChatDocHub have different pricing plans?
How does ChatDocHub work for free users?
How many PDF files a day can you upload with the Ultimate plan?
Can I get API access with ChatDocHub?
What does the API access include in the Ultra Plan?
What happens if I exceed my API requests on ChatDocHub?
What kind of support does ChatDocHub provide for enterprise users?


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