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ChatFlow is a tool that allows users to create custom AI chatbots for their websites without any coding knowledge. The tool enables users to instantly answer visitors' questions and streamline business operations by automating responses to simple inquiries.

To get started, users can enter their website URL or upload a PDF to provide training data. ChatFlow automatically fetches and prepares the data for training.

The AI model, ChatGPT, is then trained based on the selected parameters to create a personalized chatbot. Users can deploy the chatbot by pasting the provided embed code into the HTML of their website or test it in the ChatFlow dashboard.ChatFlow offers different pricing plans that vary in the number of chatbots allowed, pages of content, and the option to remove ChatFlow branding.

There is no free plan available, but users can try a demo of the chatbot on the ChatFlow website.The tool currently does not have direct integrations with other chat providers like Crisp or Intercom, but the company plans to include this feature in the future.

ChatFlow uses ChatGPT for all its chatbots and does not mention utilizing GPT-4. For further inquiries, users can contact ChatFlow through live chat, email, or Twitter.

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Pros and Cons


Automated Q&A chatbot
No coding knowledge needed
Automatically prepares training data
Embed code for deployment
Chatbot customization
Variety of pricing plans
Brand removal option
Instantly answers visitor's question
Automates simple responses
PDF upload for data
Website URL for training
Plans for future integrations
Customer support through various channels
Use of ChatGPT model
Multiple chatbots creation possible
Use of URLs for training
Use of manual training
Can use any content type for training
Provides unique URL for chatbot
Test the chatbot in dashboard
Easy setup process
Efficiency in business operations
Detailed FAQ section


No free plan available
No direct integrations yet
Limited pages of content
No removal of branding
Only ChatGPT used
No GPT-4 support
Lacks API for integration
Minimum $19 per month
Data training restricted to URL/PDF


What is ChatFlow?
How does ChatFlow use AI?
How do I train ChatGPT with my website's data using ChatFlow?
How can I deploy a chatbot on my website using ChatFlow?
Does ChatFlow require any coding knowledge?
Can I test the chatbot before deploying it on my website?
What is the pricing structure of ChatFlow?
How many chatbots can I create using each ChatFlow plan?
Is it possible to remove ChatFlow branding from the chatbot?
Does ChatFlow offer a free plan?
Is there a demo available for ChatFlow?
Are there any planned integrations with other chat providers like Crisp or Intercom?
What is the current AI model used by ChatFlow?
Will there be an update to use GPT-4 in ChatFlow?
How much content can I use to train the chatbot on each ChatFlow plan?
What type of content can I use to train ChatFlow chatbots?
Can I contact ChatFlow for further inquiries?
Is ChatFlow's use available globally or are there geographic restrictions?
Is there a guarantee or refund policy with ChatFlow?
Has ChatFlow been featured on platforms such as Product Hunt?

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