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Enable creative storytelling & character creation.
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DreamGen is an AI tool that enables users to create stories and characters without censorship. It provides open-source, uncensored AI models for story writing and character creation, allowing users to unleash their imagination.

With DreamGen, users can access various story templates and continue the narrative based on their preferences. For instance, one template asks what actions the user would take if they could freeze time – catch up on sleep, visit the bank, or spend time with their crush.

Another template explores the hypothetical scenario of Harry Potter joining the Dark Lord, prompting users to determine which magical tools he would prefer.

Additionally, a template offers users the opportunity to partake in a passionate encounter with a brooding vampire king to secure the vampire bloodline.DreamGen offers a free trial that allows users to test all of its models without the need for credit card information.

For those seeking enhanced capabilities, there are different subscription plans available. The Starter plan grants users access to the fastest models, while the Advanced plan provides access to all models.

The Pro plan offers not only access to all models, but also early access to new models and features. Each subscription plan includes varying monthly completion credits, enabling users to generate a specific number of story creations per month.DreamGen also provides links to its Discord community, Twitter page, and HuggingFace profile for users to connect and engage further.

DreamGen was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 9th 2023.
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User Profile PictureHonk.MP3
· Nov 12, 2023
I like the randomness sliders. At first it’s a bit confusing to figure out how to put in prompts but it’s really good once you get it

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