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Fundamentals GPT is an AI-powered tool that generates comprehensive fundamental analysis reports for any company in just minutes. The tool extracts key insights from 10-K annual reports and provides users with a complete PDF report.

By leveraging artificial intelligence, Fundamentals GPT aims to simplify and accelerate the process of financial analysis, enabling users to make data-driven investment decisions.With Fundamentals GPT, investors can easily access a complete PDF report that analyzes the most important indicators of any company, eliminating the need for tedious manual analysis or hours spent poring over financial statements.

The tool provides a holistic view of a company's performance by analyzing essential financial indicators.One of the key benefits of using Fundamentals GPT is the time saved.

Users are able to generate detailed reports within minutes, bypassing the need for manual analysis. This saves investors valuable time, allowing them to focus on making well-informed investment decisions.Fundamentals GPT offers different pricing plans to cater to various business needs.

Users can choose between a free plan with limited access or paid plans that offer full access, unlimited reports per month, and other additional features.Overall, Fundamentals GPT provides investors with an efficient and reliable way to generate comprehensive fundamental analysis reports, enabling them to make smarter investment decisions with ease and confidence.


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FundamentalsGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates reports quickly
Avoids tedious manual analysis
Accessible PDF reports
Decodes 10-K annual reports
Analyzes key financial indicators
Flexible pricing plans
Free plan available
Detailed reports in minutes
Supports informed investment decisions
Assists with data-driven analysis
Extracts essential company insights
Unlimited reports with premium
Diverse uses, supports investors
Increases investment decision confidence
Eases financial statement review
Time-efficient solution
Reliable financial analysis
Queries to validate trends
Helps make smarter investments


Free plan very limited
Extra payment for support
Limited analyses for cheaper plans
Only analyzes financial indicators
Generates reports exclusively in PDF
Only uses 10-K annual reports
No CSV or Excel output
No integration with other apps
No real-time data updates


What is FundamentalsGPT?
How does FundamentalsGPT work?
What type of reports can FundamentalsGPT generate?
How quickly can FundamentalsGPT generate a report?
What insights does FundamentalsGPT provide from a company's 10-K annual reports?
How does FundamentalsGPT help investors?
What is the key benefit of using FundamentalsGPT?
What is the pricing model for FundamentalsGPT?
Does FundamentalsGPT offer different pricing plans?
Do I get full access to the features with the free plan of FundamentalsGPT?
What additional features do I get with a paid plan of FundamentalsGPT?
How reliable are the reports generated by FundamentalsGPT?
What are the key indicators analyzed by FundamentalsGPT in a company's performance?
Can I use FundamentalsGPT for any company's analysis?
How does FundamentalsGPT accelerate the process of financial analysis?
What data does FundamentalsGPT use to generate its reports?
How many reports can I generate per month with the standard plan of FundamentalsGPT?
Can FundamentalsGPT assist me in making investment decisions?
What support do I get with the premium plan of FundamentalsGPT?
Does FundamentalsGPT offer services for businesses?

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