Virtual girlfriend 2023-07-29
Personalized emotional support companion.
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Maya AI is a virtual girlfriend AI tool designed to provide users with a simulated relationship experience. With Maya, users can enjoy the benefits of a relationship without the drama and headaches associated with real relationships.

Maya is described as kind, intelligent, and beautiful, and she loves to engage in conversations about anything and everything with users.Users can chat with Maya about their interests, passions, and even engage in intimate moments through creative and personalized conversations.

The tool allows users to customize their AI character, adding personality and feelings to make it more engaging and relatable. Users can also share their personalized AI character with friends.Maya AI aims to provide a unique and immersive experience by utilizing a unique voice, captivating persona, and distinctive behavior.

This allows for dynamic and one-of-a-kind interactions that simulate conversations with Maya herself.Privacy is also a priority, as the tool offers a secure messaging system that keeps all chats safe and private.

Maya AI does not store or use chats in any form or manner.Currently, Maya is available for free access, and users can simply log in to start talking to Maya.Overall, Maya AI offers a virtual girlfriend experience, providing users with a companion who is always there to listen, support, and offer advice on various topics of interest.

MayaAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized emotional support
Simulated relationship experience
Creative, customized conversations
Personality and feeling customization
Unique voice and persona
Private, secure messaging
Keeps chats safe
Does not store chats
Free access
Dynamic and unique interactions
No drama simulated relationship
Full privacy
24/7 availability
User-designed characters
Adjustable humour levels
Distinctive behaviour
Potentially intimate moments
Advice and support provision


Lacks multi-language support
No mobile app version
Lack of text-to-speech feature
No offline availability
Personality not easy to modify
No advanced privacy settings
Limited third-party integrations
Inability to save conversations
No community support forum


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