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Meeting and interview note-taker and summarizer.
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Mictoo is a free audio and video transcription tool that allows users to easily convert audio files into text. With a simple one-click recording or by uploading a file, users can obtain automatic transcriptions within seconds.

This tool also provides a convenient way to collect, store, and organize audio assets.One notable feature is the ability to record meetings in real-time and transform them into text notes.

Additionally, Mictoo leverages the power of OpenAI's GPT-3 to generate meeting summaries and action items automatically. This not only frees up users' minds but also enables them to actively engage in meetings without the burden of taking detailed notes.Mictoo's powerful editor allows for easy editing and structuring of transcripts, ensuring that the content becomes more well-organized and readable.

Users can then easily share recordings and transcripts with colleagues through a link, facilitating collaboration.For journalists, Mictoo proves to be a valuable tool as it can automatically convert interview audios to text, enhancing the quality of their written files.

Students benefit from Mictoo during online classes by effortlessly recording and converting important information into text notes in real-time.Overall, Mictoo simplifies note-taking and significantly improves work efficiency.

By focusing on inspiring rather than taking notes during meetings, users can enhance their productivity. Mictoo offers early access to its features, providing users with a streamlined solution for efficient transcription and note-taking.

Mictoo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free transcription tool
One-click recording
Real-time transcription service
Automatic generation of summaries
Automatic extraction of action items
Powerful editor for transcripts
Shareable recordings and transcripts
Real-time note-taking for students
Automatic interview transcriptions for journalists
Storage for audio assets
Effortless note organization
Easy-to-use interface
Supports 100+ languages
Streamlined note-taking process
Enhances work efficiency
Facilitates engagement in meetings
Early access availability


No offline functionality
Requires internet for transcription
No integrated cloud storage
No automatic punctuations
Limited languages support
No voice recognition
No iOS/Android app
Possible privacy concerns
No speech-to-text conversion for non-English audio
Excessive reliance on GPT-3


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How can journalists use Mictoo?
What benefits does Mictoo offer to students during online classes?
Is Mictoo free to use?
How can I get early access to Mictoo's features?
Can Mictoo transcribe audio in multiple languages?
What kind of summaries can Mictoo generate with OpenAI's GPT-3?
How does Mictoo help in generating meeting action items?
How easy is it to use Mictoo?
Can text transcriptions from Mictoo be edited and organized?
How can Mictoo help me in my interview and writing works?
What's the quality of Mictoo's automated text transcription?
Does Mictoo provide real-time transcription?
Why is Mictoo considered a good solution for note-taking?

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