Youtube video Q&A 2023-05-29
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Learning assistant for interactive video viewing.
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Ortus is a Chrome Extension that offers an interactive video viewing experience by using AI technology. It can be installed on Chrome, and when watching videos from supported channels like Huberman Lab, Lex Fridman, Y Combinator, or The AI Epiphany, users can ask questions related to the content without stopping the video or changing tabs.

Ortus provides real-time answers that are relevant to the questions asked. The tool also offers high-quality summaries that capture all the key points of a video in case users are short on time.Ortus helps users learn faster by eliminating the need for manual note-taking.

It can directly copy key insights, references, and resources to Notion, allowing users to efficiently gather and organize valuable information for future reference.

Additionally, Ortus has a Discord community where users can ask questions and receive feedback.Ortus's features rely on AI technology, and it is free to use.

However, the extension requests permission to access browsing history on installation, which is essential to ensure its smooth functioning. Ortus is a powerful AI-powered assistant that helps users engage in interactive video viewing and learn faster by providing relevant answers and summaries of video content.

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May 31, 2023
Super useful for skimming trough chapters, summaries and also asking questions related to the video without pausing or switching tabs. I use it daily!

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Pros and Cons


Chrome Extension
Interactive video views
Real-time relevant answers
High-quality summaries
Eliminates need for note-taking
Efficient info gathering
Direct insights copy to Notion
Friendly Discord community
Supported channels like Huberman, Fridman
Free to use
Doesn't require video pausing
Substantial data privacy
Timestamps for key insights
Interactive Q&A during videos
Coming features like Notion integration
Easy installation process
Immediate feedback on queries


Chrome exclusive
Limited channel support
Privacy concerns
Relies on browsing history
Notion account required
Requests intrusive permissions
Limited to Youtube
Discord necessary for support
No API access
Real-time efficiency unverified


What is Ortusbuddy?
What features does Ortusbuddy provide?
How does Ortusbuddy assist with YouTube video viewing?
Is Ortusbuddy free to use?
On which platforms is Ortusbuddy available?
How can Ortusbuddy enhance my learning experience?
Does Ortusbuddy also work with other YouTube channels beyond the mentioned ones?
How does the 'ask anything about the video' feature of Ortusbuddy work?
What kind of questions can I ask Ortusbuddy while watching a video?
How can Ortusbuddy help me if I'm short on time to watch a full video?
Can Ortusbuddy capture key points from any YouTube video?
How does Ortusbuddy integrate with Notion?
What does Ortusbuddy do with my browsing history?
Why does Ortusbuddy need to access my browsing history?
How can I join the Ortusbuddy Discord community?
Can I interact with other Ortusbuddy users on Discord?
What kind of feedback can I expect from the Ortusbuddy Discord community?
How do I install Ortusbuddy on Chrome?
How secure is Ortusbuddy for use?
What do I do if I encounter issues with Ortusbuddy?


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