Document Q&A 10 Jun 2023
Document analysis & Q&A solution for various files

Generated by ChatGPT

Pensieve is an AI-powered tool that allows users to chat with any document, including PDFs, text files, and CSVs. With Pensieve, users can ask questions, receive summaries, and find information within their documents.

The tool utilizes the ChatGPT model to generate AI-based answers.Pensieve offers a free trial option, allowing users to try the tool without signing up or providing credit card information.

During the trial, users can upload files up to 5MB in size and ask up to 5 questions per document.For those looking for additional features and capabilities, Pensieve offers affordable pricing options.

With a paid subscription, users can upload larger files, work with various document formats, revisit previous conversations, and ask up to 200 questions per payment.

The Pro subscription also includes a history feature to keep track of past conversations.For team collaboration, Pensieve offers a Team subscription called "Get Albus." This plan allows users to upload unlimited documents from multiple providers like Google Drive and Slack.

Team members can ask unlimited questions and receive answers directly within Slack. The Team subscription also includes an admin dashboard for document and team management and the option to escalate to human experts when needed.Overall, Pensieve provides a convenient and efficient way to interact with documents, making it easier to extract information and insights quickly.

This AI tool is no longer available.
Pensieve was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free trial available
No signup required
No credit card needed
Supports multiple file formats
Chat with documents
Get summaries of documents
Find information within documents
ChatGPT-based responses
Affordable pricing
Capable of large file uploads
History tracking
200 questions per document
Supports team collaboration
Multiple provider compatibility
Unlimited document uploads on Team plan
Receive answers within Slack
Admin dashboard
Escalation to human experts
Question-answer format interaction
Plan options for different users
Up to 5MB files on free trial
Up to 10MB files on Pro subscription
Convenient and efficient
Works with PDF, Text, CSV


Limited file size upload
Limited questions in free trial
Restricted document type compatibility
No session history in free plan
Dependency on ChatGPT for accuracy
Missing human expert support in regular subscriptions
Limited collaboration in non-team subscriptions
Non-interactive admin dashboard
No clear conflict resolution mechanism
Limited provider integrations


What is Pensieve?
How does Pensieve work?
What types of documents can I use with Pensieve?
What is the ChatGPT model used by Pensieve?
What features does the free trial of Pensieve offer?
How large the files can I upload during the Pensieve free trial?
What limitations are there in the Pensieve free trial?
What additional capabilities do I get with a paid Pensieve subscription?
How many questions can I ask per document with a Pro Pensieve subscription?
What document formats are supported on a paid Pensieve subscription?
What does the history feature in Pro Pensieve subscription do?
What's included in the Pensieve Team subscription called 'Get Albus'?
How does the Pensieve's 'Get Albus' Team subscription work with Google Drive and Slack?
How many questions can I ask in the Pensieve Team subscription?
How can I manage my team and documents in Pensieve's 'Get Albus' Team subscription?
What happens if Pensieve can't answer our team's questions?
How does Pensieve's escalation to human experts work?
Can I try Pensieve for free without providing credit card details?
How can Pensieve help me extract information quickly from my documents?
Can I chat with any document using Pensieve?

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