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Personalized tutoring, exam prep, and homework help.
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Plaito is an AI-powered learning platform that offers personalized tutoring, homework help, exam prep, and writing support for students of all subjects and levels.

It acts as a coach, giving prompts and suggestions to move students forward in their writing and collaboration skills. The tool is equipped with advanced AI technology to analyze students' work, provide personalized feedback, and create learning outcome-driven assignments that help students learn faster and remember things better.

Plaito's learning tools are designed to assist users in multiple subjects, including math, science, social studies, history, law, English, and engineering.

Additionally, it helps students prepare for tests and exams by generating as many test prep questions as needed. The platform has an option to take a picture or screenshot of homework and receive real-time AI tutoring for clarification and support.

Plaito's transcriber can summarize all class key points and deadlines, ensuring students never miss a thing. Plaito's progressive features aim to engage students in learning and keep them motivated by offering streaks, challenges, coins, and progress bars that encourage learning habits.

Students can chat with Plaito like they would with their other friends and learn along the way, and the tool speaks four languages and is ready to learn more.

Overall, Plaito aims to bring the benefits of one-on-one tutoring to all students by leveraging AI and unlocking creativity through its suite of innovative student tools and features.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized tutoring
Homework help
Exam prep support
Personalized feedback
Outcome-driven assignments
Multitude of subjects
Transcribes class key points
Achievement streaks
Encourages learning habits
Picture-to-help feature
Collaborate with friends
Game-like features
Fun challenges
Learning outcome driven assignments
Summarize textbook concepts
Generates test prep questions
Understandable math solver
Class transcription tool
Schedules learning
Assignments are condensed
Produces Better grades
Quick information retrieval
Real-time solutions
Chat functionality
Learns more languages
Motivation tools
Help with essay citations
Community inclusion
Free and paid versions
Available on multiple platforms
Professional use
Customer support availability
Progress bars
Learning efficiency
Courses for faster learning


Limited language support
Heavy reliance on gamification
Limited subject coverage
Requires continuous user engagement
Limited platforms covered
May not support complex questions
Features primarily student-oriented


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Can Plaito solve complex math problems?
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Why does Plaito use streaks, challenges, and coins?
Does Plaito offer real-time AI tutoring?
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