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Visualized efficient living space.
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Roomify.AI is an AI tool designed to help users quickly and easily visualize different room designs. By uploading a photo of a room, users can then explore various styles and designs that the AI generates in seconds.

The tool allows users to discover new possibilities for their living spaces without the need for traditional renovations or interior design services. The AI remodelling process is simple and straightforward, requiring only a snapshot of the room and a few clicks to explore new design ideas.

Roomify.AI's generated photos show users how their rooms could look with different furnishings and styles, allowing them to experiment until they find the perfect fit.

The tool offers an intuitive interface and takes care of the heavy lifting by using AI to generate designs, leaving users to focus on exploring the options provided.

Roomify.AI is ideal for anyone looking to revamp their living spaces, whether for personal use or as a design resource for clients. Overall, this tool provides an efficient and convenient way to explore new ideas and visualise the possibilities for different room layouts and styles.

Roomify was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick design visualization
Experiment with styles
Revamp living spaces
Efficient remodeling process
Requires only a photo
Generates various layouts
Easy-to-use interface
No need for renovations
Discover new design possibilities
Ideal for personal use
Great tool for designers
Ability to upload photos
Resourceful for client presentations
Generates design ideas
No interior design experience required
Fast room transformation
Generates different furnishings options


Only works with photos
Limited design styles
Accuracy dependent on photo quality
No 3D view option
Can't modify generated designs
No real-time changes
Lacks collaborative features
No mobile app
Not for detailed layouts
Doesn't save designs history


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