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Align company culture through mindset-based hiring.
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Several Minds is an AI-powered tool that offers mindset assessments to help companies identify the best candidates whose values and attitudes align with their company culture and improve their recruitment process.

The tool provides assessments for Growth Mindset, Leadership Mindset, and Team Player Mindset. The AI algorithm identifies top candidates with specific mindsets aligned to the company requirements, providing valuable insights to help recruiters make informed hiring decisions and create successful teams.

Several Minds offers data-driven hiring solutions that simplify the recruitment process, streamline candidate screening, and maximize efficiency. The tool provides customized pattern insights and comprehensive data analytics, which fuel growth across the organization.

Additionally, the company claims to prioritize the company's values, encourage open communication, and empower employees to grow to create a positive and successful workplace that will lead to great achievements and a satisfied team.

The platform is currently in a closed beta phase, and companies can apply to join. Finally, the tool offers expert support and guidance and claims to have a precise and dependable assessment that empowers companies to identify and retain exceptional talent, propelling their businesses towards their goals.


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Pros and Cons


Mindset-based hiring
Helps align company culture
Improves recruitment process
Assessments for Growth Mindset
Assessments for Leadership Mindset
Assessments for Team Player Mindset
Customized pattern insights
Comprehensive data analytics
Streamlines candidate screening
Maximizes hiring efficiency
Prioritizes company values
Encourages open communication
Empowers employee growth
Closed beta testing
Expert support and guidance
Dependable assessments
Retain exceptional talent
Data-driven hiring solutions
Text-format answers assessment
Detailed results report
Assessment focused on accuracy
Assessment focused on reliability
Assessment focused on ease-of-use
Evaluation of mindset compatibility
Insights on personality traits
Offers tailored recommendations
Curated interview questions
Mindset Synergy Blueprint provided
Free educational resources
Focused on company culture development
Enhances team building decision-making


Closed beta phase
No mobile application
Only text-format answers
No integration with existing HR systems
No multi-language support
Inability to customize assessments
Unclear cost structure
No free trial mentioned
Limited types of mindset assessments
No predictive analytics capability


What is Several Minds?
What kind of assessments does Several Minds provide?
How can Several Minds help improve hiring decisions?
What types of mindsets does Several Minds assess?
What are some of the key features of Several Minds?
How does Several Minds utilize AI in recruitment?
Who can have access to Several Minds beta version?
What sort of support does Several Minds offer to users?
How reliable is the assessment process of Several Minds?
How does Several Minds prioritize company values during talent acquisition?
What are the key benefits of using Several Minds as a hiring tool?
What kind of data analytics does Several Minds provide?
How does Several Minds ensure a streamlined hiring process?
What role does Several Minds play in strengthening a company's culture?
How are the Several Minds' assessments run and what information is required?
What insights can Several Minds provide about a candidate's mindset?
How does the Several Minds AI algorithm work to assess mindset?
Can Several Minds aid in enhancing the team's performance?
What are the insights that Several Minds' report provides for a mindset culture?
What are the elements that Several Minds analyze to create a Mindset Harmony Index?

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