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Automated assistants streamline operations.
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Sprite AI is a platform that allows users to create intelligent business assistants effortlessly. By leveraging the power of AI, this platform aims to streamline business operations and enhance workplace efficiency.

Users can upload knowledge bases containing relevant information for their "Sprites" to know, and train the Sprites to execute tasks through workflows.One of the key features of Sprite AI is its ability to harness the power of AI to create custom Sprites that are trained on valuable business data.

This enables colleagues to access and analyze vast amounts of information, including large text documents and statistical data, thereby driving productivity and generating better insights for the organization.The platform also offers the option to deploy public-facing Sprites as the first point of contact for customer inquiries.

These Sprites can be trained with vast datasets to provide personalized assistance, execute tasks, and help potential clients make informed decisions.Sprite AI offers different payment plans, including a free plan with limitations on the number of Sprites, knowledge base characters, knowledge bases, and workflows.

The premium plan offers greater flexibility and advanced features such as conversational sprite memory, larger knowledge base capacities, and early access to new features.For enterprise clients, Sprite AI provides custom solutions that include unlimited knowledge bases and workflows, seamless integration with existing systems, custom user interface, custom AI models, robust APIs, and maintenance support.Overall, Sprite AI aims to empower businesses by leveraging AI to streamline operations, optimize workflows, and automate tasks for enhanced efficiency and success.

SpriteAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Creates intelligent business assistants
Effortless creation process
Uploadable knowledge bases
Workflow training for Sprites
Custom Sprites creation
Analyzes large amounts of data
Public-facing Sprites for inquiries
Personalized assistance
Task execution
Helps clients make informed decisions
Different payment plans
Free plan with limitations
Premium plan with advanced features
Conversational sprite memory
Larger knowledge base capacities
Early access to new features
Enterprise clients receive custom solutions
Unlimited knowledge bases for enterprises
Unlimited workflows for enterprises
Seamless integration with existing systems
Custom user interface for enterprises
Robust API for enterprises
Maintenance support provided
Team of experts for guidance
Onboarding for enterprise team


Free plan limitations
Only text document input
Charges for additional credits
No on-premise option
Potentially steep learning curve
No multi-language support
Unclear error handling
No live chat support
Limited integrations
Paid advanced features


What are the main functionalities of Sprite AI?
How do I train a Sprite on Sprite AI platform?
What is a knowledge base in Sprite AI and what is its purpose?
How do I create a workflow on Sprite AI?
How can Sprite AI be used to enhance workplace efficiency?
Can Sprites analyse and access large text documents and statistical data?
Can I use Sprites for customer service and interactions?
What limitations exist on the free plan for Sprite AI?
What extra features are available on the premium plan of Sprite AI?
What are conversational sprite memories and how do they work?
What are the benefits for enterprise clients using Sprite AI?
Can Sprite AI integrate with my existing systems?
What customization options are available for Sprite AI models and interfaces?
How does the maintenance support work for Sprite AI?
How can I contact the Sprite AI support team?
How do I sign up for Sprite AI?
What are the payment options for Sprite AI?
What are recharge credits in Sprite AI?
What is 'the versatility of sprites' as mentioned on the Sprite AI site?
What additional resources are available to help me get started with Sprite AI?

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