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Super Workers is a platform that connects digital businesses with AI employees. With Super Workers, businesses can find robots that can assist with various tasks, such as business management, marketing, and customer service.

By integrating AI into their operations with a simple click, businesses can experience increased productivity and profits.On the Super Workers platform, businesses can easily search for AI solutions based on their specific needs.

The marketplace offers a wide range of AI agents, copilots, and other AI employees, with over 500 integrations available. Businesses can find top-rated AI employees for different tech stacks, including Shopify, WordPress, Webflow, WooCommerce, and JavaScript, among others.The process of hiring AI employees on Super Workers is straightforward and involves three simple steps.

Firstly, businesses need to select their tech stack. Then, they can connect their personalized script(s) to the chosen AI solution. Finally, they can start hiring AI employees and take advantage of their capabilities.Super Workers provides tailored solutions for various business categories, with more categories continuously being added.

Current categories include e-commerce, SaaS, ads agencies, news and media, SEO, and business analytics.Super Workers aims to make the hiring and firing process efficient by allowing businesses to hire and fire with a click.

The platform also encourages AI developers and SMBs to join their waitlist and apply to become part of the Super Workers community.Super Workers is a trademark of Super Workers and all rights are reserved.

Super Workers was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 27th 2023.
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