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Personalized chatbot for real-time website support.
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SupportBuddy is an AI-powered chatbot tool that helps websites elevate their visitors' experience by providing real-time and personalized responses. The tool crawls all pages of a website to learn its content and then builds a customized chatbot that can answer any questions related to that content.

No coding is required, and users only need to add one script tag to their website to get started. SupportBuddy offers multiple pricing plans to fit different needs, starting from $9/month for the Starter plan, which includes one chatbot, 1000 message credits per month, and unlimited website pages and text.

The tool also offers Growth, Business, and Enterprise plans that provide higher message credits and the ability to create multiple chatbots. SupportBuddy is constantly working on adding more integrations to enhance the user's experience and welcomes special requests.

With SupportBuddy, website owners can enhance visitor engagement and satisfaction while saving time and resources in building an intelligent chatbot from scratch.


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Pros and Cons


Real-time response
Personalized chatbot
No coding required
One script tag setup
Multiple pricing plans
Supports multiple chatbots
Flexible message credits
Unlimited website pages support
Unlimited text
Website content based customization
Elevated user engagement
Auto site crawling
No-code setup
Open for integration requests
Resource saving technology


Limited to one chatbot
Charges per message
No free tier
No coding option
May struggle with complex inquiries
Potential privacy concerns
Limited customization
Dependent on website content
Requires script tag addition
Limited integrations


What is SupportBuddy?
How does SupportBuddy work?
Is coding required to use SupportBuddy on my website?
What are the different pricing plans for SupportBuddy?
How does SupportBuddy enhance the visitor's experience on my website?
What is the process of adding SupportBuddy to my website?
What does the term 'message credits' mean in the context of SupportBuddy's plans?
Can SupportBuddy be used on multiple websites?
Can SupportBuddy answer any questions related to my website's content?
How does SupportBuddy learn the content of my website?
Does the SupportBuddy chatbot adapt in real-time based on my website's content?
Is there a maximum limit on the number of website pages SupportBuddy can handle?
What kind of integrations is SupportBuddy working on to enhance user experience?
Is there an option to create more than one chatbot using SupportBuddy?
Why would I choose the Enterprise plan in SupportBuddy's pricing tier?
What are the benefits of using SupportBuddy for my website?
Is it possible to customize my chatbot according to my website's content using SupportBuddy?
What are some special features that SupportBuddy's AI-powered chatbot provides?
What level of engagement and satisfaction can I expect from users using SupportBuddy?
Can I make special requests for SupportBuddy integrations with other tools?

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