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ByHiva Feizi
Craft high quality, customized cover letters easily.
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Cover Letter Writer is a GPT designed to simplify the cover letter creation process for job applications. It is programmed to generate high-quality, customized cover letters tailored to each job you apply to, using the specific job description as its primary source of input.

To initialize the application, users are required to input their resume and any relevant information they would like included in their cover letters. This initializes the GPT to understand the user's background and the type of information to highlight.

For subsequent use, users are only required to copy and paste the job description from whichever job they're applying to. After the job description is given, Cover Letter Writer crafts a custom cover letter that mirrors the requirements of the job description while ensuring that the user's qualifications and credentials are effectively highlighted.

This GPT takes on the cumbersome task of drafting and editing cover letters, automating the process and making it more efficient. It must be noted that the use of Cover Letter Writer requires the user to be signed up with ChatGPT Plus.

In essence, Cover Letter Writer is a valuable tool for job seekers who seek efficiency and high-quality cover letters tailored to each job they're applying for.


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Cover Letter Writer was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 9th 2024.
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