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ByJake Makler
Crafts engaging LinkedIn posts in your style.
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Sample prompts:
I want to create personalized Linkedin posts based on my style
I have a list of topics I want to post about
Help me write a viral post
Find linkedin contacts based on name, position or company
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LinkedInGPT is a GPT designed to generate LinkedIn posts that match the style of individual users. Its purpose is to create more dynamic and engaging content to drive better engagement on LinkedIn.

It uses the capabilities of ChatGPT to produce output that aligns with the user's tone of voice and content preferences. Beyond crafting posts, this tool has diverse utilities, encouraging users to delve deeper into their LinkedIn usage.

For instance, it can help develop a list of topics for future posts, which it will then compose using the user's distinct writing style. It can aid in creating posts intended for viral promotion as well.

Further harnessing LinkedIn data, LinkedInGPT includes a feature that enables users to locate LinkedIn contacts based on specific parameters, such as a name, job position, or company.

This functionality can be quite helpful for networking purposes or for strategies aimed at reaching a specific target audience. To utilize LinkedInGPT, users must have access to ChatGPT Plus.

After gaining access, they can benefit from the tool's features by using prompts to specify what they want the tool to do. Examples of prompts include requests for personalized post creation, topic list generation, writing viral posts, and finding specific LinkedIn contacts.

LinkedInGPT operates as the intermediate interface between the user and their LinkedIn data, generating content, deriving insights, and enhancing the value derived from LinkedIn usage.


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LinkedInGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 5th 2024.
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