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ByGraham herdman
Let's go viral
GPT welcome message: Ready to create some viral LinkedIn content!
Sample prompts:
How can I make my post about industry trends more engaging?
What's a captivating way to announce a career milestone?
Can you suggest a viral topic for a LinkedIn post?
How do I make my project update stand out on LinkedIn?
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LinkedInGPT is a GPT designed to help users optimize their LinkedIn content in order to increase engagement and visibility. The primary function of this tool is to assist users in creating posts that have the potential to become viral.

LinkedInGPT provides guidance on how to make posts engaging, particularly those about industry trends. It can provide suggestions on creative and captivating ways to announce career milestones, ensuring these significant events gain maximum attention on LinkedIn.

It can also suggest viral topics tailored for LinkedIn posts. The tool is intended to offer advice in creating posts that align with trending discussions within industries.

Furthermore, it assists in making project updates unique and stand out. This can be beneficial for professionals aiming to draw attention to their recent achievements or business developments in the LinkedIn environment.

The intended use for this tool seems to be for both individual professionals, seeking to increase their professional brand visibility, and companies aiming to boost their corporate profile and updates' reach and engagement.

LinkedInGPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription to access. It appears to complement the functionalities offered by ChatGPT, augmenting it with specialized advice for LinkedIn content.

LinkedInGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 27th 2023.
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