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Scripts and visuals for YouTube Shorts.
Sample prompts:
Write a script about smart homes.
Generate a script for a baking tutorial.
Create a script on fitness tips.
Draft a script discussing meditation benefits.
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YT Shorts Scripter is a GPT that is designed to assist users in creating scripts for short video content, with a specific focus on YouTube Shorts. This tool is especially useful for content creators, social media professionals, and influencers who frequently develop short video content for their audiences.

YT Shorts Scripter leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT to generate scripts on a variety of subjects, which can include but are not limited to smart homes, baking tutorials, fitness tips, and benefits of meditation.

Furthermore, it also provides guidance on creating suitable 9:16 visuals to accompany the scripts, thereby equipping users with a comprehensive solution for efficient and effective short video production.

The tool is accessible to users who are registered with ChatGPT Plus. As changes can occur, subscribing to ChatGPT Plus or visiting the official website would give potential users the latest information about the tool's services.

As a GPT, YT Shorts Scripter adds a layer of value to the base capabilities of ChatGPT by tailoring it to the specific use case of scriptwriting for short video content.


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