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Web-based content creation assistant for blogs.
Generated by ChatGPT is a web-based tool that enables users to quickly and easily create blog posts about a variety of topics. The tool leverages AI to generate content for users, allowing them to create content in either a regular or “Insane” mode.

The regular mode allows users to create content with a basic level of AI assistance, while the insane mode provides more detailed and advanced AI-assisted content. also provides a privacy policy, an about us page, FAQs and pricing information. Finally, the tool offers support through its online community.

With, users can quickly and easily generate content for their blog posts, eliminating the need for manually writing posts.


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Pros and Cons


Quick content creation
Online community support
Privacy policy available
FAQs available
Pricing transparency
Web-based tool
Specialized for blog content
Variety of topics
Helpful for content automation
User-friendly interface
Real-time blog generation


Limited writing modes
No offline version
No API integration
Limited support options
No collaboration features
No content editing tools
No multi-language support
No custom template creation
No version history
No tasks scheduling feature


What is
What features does offer?
What is the difference between regular mode and insane mode in
How does use AI to generate blog content?
How can speed up my blog writing process?
What is the cost of using
Where can I find's privacy policy?
Is there a customer support available for
What topics can help me write about?
Is a web-based tool?
How do I sign in to
What is the 'insane mode' in
What kind of assistance does the regular mode on provide?
How user friendly is for blog writing?
Is there a community for users?
Do I need to manually write blogs using
What is’s pricing system?
How detailed is the content created in the insane mode on
Where can I find more information about
Is suitable for professional bloggers?

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