Tweeting 19 Jan 2023
Flight Path
Twitter exposure: scheduled tweets, suggested CTAs.

Generated by ChatGPT

Flight Path is an AI-powered tweet scheduling tool designed to help individuals and businesses maximize their presence on Twitter. With Flight Path, users can compose and preview tweets, leverage AI-bot suggestions, and schedule tweets for future release.

Additionally, Flight Path offers CTA templates to help drive engagement from followers. Flight Path offers three pricing plans each with unlimited scheduled tweets and threading capabilities, free content calendars, AI-generated tweets, tweet stats and analytics, cloud synced drafts, free employee accounts, and hashtag and prompt appending.

Each plan also comes with a 7-day free trial. Flight Path's AI-assisted tweet generation, scheduling capabilities, and CTA templates help users to craft the perfect tweet and establish thought leadership.

The scheduling feature allows users to fill available time slots or have Flight Path automatically optimize slots in their content calendar. Flight Path also helps users to create and attach up to seven different CTA messages to their tweets through their templates feature.

Overall, Flight Path is the ideal tool for businesses and individuals looking to optimize their presence on Twitter and drive engagement from their followers.


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