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Personalized Q&A chatbot.
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Hey Internet is a text message assistant powered by AI technology that enables users to obtain instant answers to diverse, personalized questions. It is a SaaS product designed specifically for anyone with a smartphone and offers users quick access to AI-generated insights, research help, and time-saving solutions.

Hey Internet provides a user-friendly platform for learning and productivity that works with smartphones via texting, reducing the need for extra apps.

The tool provides users with instant, real-time support that is available 24/7, promoting productivity and efficiency in both work and personal goals.

Hey Internet is customizable and addresses unique needs, offering academic, professional, and personal growth support to its users. The product is designed for knowledge seekers and helps users enhance their quality of life, achieve a balanced lifestyle, and elevate academic and professional performance.

Hey Internet empowers its users to optimize research and learning by providing quick, accurate answers to personalized questions, saving time on research and boosting understanding of subjects.

With its instant AI-generated insights, users can focus on learning and personal growth. Hey Internet offers various powerful features designed to enhance users' learning, productivity, and personal growth through AI-powered assistance using their smartphone's texting capabilities.

Overall, Hey Internet aims to revolutionize the way people learn, work, and connect with their AI-Powered text message assistant.

HeyInternet was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Instant answers
24/7 availability
Customizable support
Academic, professional, personal uses
Optimizes research and learning
Smartphone texting interface
No extra apps needed
Real-time support
Promotes productivity
Facilitates personal growth
Designed for knowledge seekers
Enhances quality of life
Promotes balanced lifestyle
Easy query via text
Instant insights on subjects
SaaS product
User-friendly platform
Promotes understanding of subjects
Efficient for work and personal goals
Text message assistance


No app interface
Text-based only
Data usage requirements
No voice command feature
Possible text-message limitations
Unclear data privacy
No offline functionality
Customization may be limited
Limited to smartphones
Real-time accuracy uncertain


What is Hey Internet?
Who is the target audience of Hey Internet?
How does Hey Internet enhance learning and productivity?
Does Hey Internet work with all smartphones?
Is Hey Internet available 24/7?
How does Hey Internet customize its services for individual growth?
What kind of questions can I ask Hey Internet?
Does Hey Internet require downloading extra apps?
How does Hey Internet enhance academic performance?
What are some key features of Hey Internet?
Is Hey Internet a SaaS product?
Can I use Hey Internet for time-saving solutions?
How can Hey Internet help achieve a balanced lifestyle?
Does Hey Internet only answer academic-related questions?
Does Hey Internet provide real-time support?
How can the AI technology in Hey Internet help me?
How can Hey Internet help me in professional growth?
Can Hey Internet help boost my understanding of subjects?
Is Hey Internet easy to use?
How can Hey Internet help with personal growth?

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