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Image gen, doc conversation, internet search assistant.
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NoAGI is a generic chat assistant that automatically calls and combines the best available AIs in order to answer your requests. Just give it a question or task, it will automatically call the right AI tools (LLMs, Image generators, Speech-to-text, Image analyzer, etc) in order to answer you in the best possible way.

Behind the scenes, NoAGI leverages carefully curated set of APIs (including the best LLMs and image generators) that span a wide range of use cases:
- Large language models such as GPT4-Turbo, Claude 3, and Mistral Large (premium users can even call the 3 in parallel).
- Image generation with models like Dalle-3, Stable Diffusion XL.
- Audio transcription (with speakers distinction) and Q&A
- Youtube video summarization
- Internet search
- Documents Q&A

In addition, NoAGI features a proprietary multi-agent collaboration technology (see "/n*" in the chat's readme) that allows to perform tasks that require planning and executing a sequence of actions (for example, "Download the image at this URL, and give me its description", or "Write a Linkedin post with some image about a recent news in AI").

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