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Locate and review past data on Macs.
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Rewind is a search engine for your life, allowing you to find anything you've seen, said, or heard. It stores all recordings locally on your Mac for privacy and utilizes native macOS APIs and Optical Character Recognition to analyze everything on your screen.

Rewind can also automatically record your meetings for easy searchability. It doesn't tax your CPU while recording, and has the ability to exclude specific apps and private browsing.

It is made for M1 & M2 Apple Silicon SOCs and utilizes virtually every part of the system on a chip.


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Jun 16, 2023
Amazing tool, I use this every day!

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Rewind was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Locates past data
Analyzes screen content
Automatically records meetings
Low CPU usage
Can exclude specific apps
Private browsing supported
Designed for Apple Silicon
Utilizes macOS APIs
Uses OCR technology
Local data storage
Private access to recordings
High data compression
No cloud integration needed
No IT required
Easy pause or delete
Native app capturing
Optimized for M1 & M2


Only for Mac users
Requires local storage
No cloud integration
No integration with other services
Specific to M1 & M2 SOCs
Limited meeting recording capabilities
Requires manual exclusion of apps


What makes Rewind different from other search engines?
How does Rewind ensure my privacy?
Where does Rewind store my recordings?
What does Rewind do with the recordings?
Can Rewind record my meetings and how?
Does Rewind store recordings locally or in cloud?
What platforms does Rewind operate on?
Why is Rewind specifically made for M1 & M2 Apple Silicon SOCs?
How much does Rewind affect my CPU performance while recording?
Can I pick which apps Rewind should not record from?
Does Rewind exclude Chrome Incognito & Safari Private windows?
Does Rewind need any cloud service integration?
What native macOS APIs does Rewind use?
How is Rewind's OCR used to analyze my screen?
Does 'Rewind' have a compression feature for the recorded data?
How does Rewind handle data compression?
Can I pause or delete my recordings on Rewind?
How can I manage my Rewind subscription?
How can I get access to Rewind?
How do I get updates about the availability and capacity of Rewind?

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