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Your AI travel planner and guide.
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Just Ask Layla is an AI-powered Travel Planner and Guide. Designed for convenience and efficiency, Layla serves as a digital assistant to guide you through various stages of travel planning, right from discovering new destinations to specifying an itinerary.

Coupling Layla's broad travel knowledge with its AI functionalities, you can leverage it to carry out essential tasks such as booking flights and reserving hotel accommodations.

Layla's innovative approach integrates the processes traditionally associated with various aspects of travel planning into a seamless and engaging user experience.

By engaging in interactive text-based chats with Layla, users can effortlessly obtain personalized recommendations and insights pertinent to their travel plans.

The solution is built to simplify your travel planning process through its interactive nature, wide-ranging travel data, and the power of AI algorithms.


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Pros and Cons


Designed for convenience, efficiency
Serves as digital assistant
Breadth of travel knowledge
Allows flight booking
Enables hotel reservations
Bundles all travel planning
Interactive chat with Layla
Personalized recommendations
Data driven insights
Simplifies travel planning process
Seamless user-experience
Destination discovery feature
Itinerary specification tool
Accessible chat-based interface
Consolidates all travel aspects
Effortless destination discovery
Promotes interactive engagement
Suitable for various travel stages


Lacks voice interaction
No multi-language support
Dependent on text-based input
Limited to travel planning
No integration with mapping services
No offline functionality
No support for group bookings
Limited travel provider partnerships
No app version
Lack of trip budgeting tools


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