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Automate customer support & sales with AI powered chatbots
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Bot9.AI is an AI-driven, no-code platform enabling users to build and train chatbots for customer service, streamlining sales and support tasks. Users can deploy these chatbots on various channels, including Facebook Messenger, Intercom/Crisp Chat, Zendesk, and Freshdesk, to automatically respond to incoming tickets.

The platform facilitates the import of content for chatbot training, creating advanced support systems that can handle multilingual inquiries. This feature allows for global customer support without the complexities of setup or translation.

Bot9.AI includes an integrated CRM for customers and a comprehensive, AI-powered help center. Additionally, the platform offers an 'Inbox' feature, a shared space for teams to oversee conversations across all deployed channels.

The platform allows users to craft specific instructions, set triggers, and design actions, enabling the development of varied workflows. The expected outcomes include near-instant response times and a reduction in customer support costs by up to 90%.

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Alternative to: Intercom FIN, Chatbase, SiteGPT.

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Feb 16, 2024
Amazing features, works flawlessly. Instantly crawled my website and I created 3-4 actions to connect with my system. 10/10
Feb 11, 2024
Customer support is now getting better! Bot9 has a bright future!It provides quick support and navigates customers whenever they need. This is exactly what businesses want! Now we can focus on problems that require our intervention and can be more productive!
Feb 9, 2024
Bot9 tool trains so fast and responses are way more accurate than I thought 🤯 , Talking about features I personally like bot customisation and rules feature.
Feb 9, 2024's intuitive interface and powerful natural language processing have transformed our customer support. With seamless customization and insightful analytics, it's boosted efficiency and satisfaction. The stellar customer service is the cherry on top. Highly recommend for any business looking to enhance their customer experience!
Feb 6, 2024
Bot9 AI is a game-changer for our hospital website. It brought in 37 leads on day one, making it super effective. The way it talks to people is smart and smooth. If you want more patients online, Bot9 is the way to go. Highly recommended for any hospital!
Feb 6, 2024
In conclusion, Bot9.AI has not only transformed our customer support operations but also provided us with a scalable solution to grow with our business. I highly recommend Bot9 to any startup looking to automate their customer service without sacrificing quality. It's an investment that has paid for itself many times over in terms of efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cost savings.

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Pros and Cons


Automates customer support and sales
Reduces operational expenses
Improves customer experience quality
Swiftly learns from user input
Accommodates multiple languages
24/7 customer service
No-code setup
Seamless app integration
Workflow optimization
Customizable design
Intelligent user routing
Advanced analytics & insights
Effortless workflow
Multilingual customer support
Immediate global support
User-friendly setup
Improved work efficiency
Unlimited query handling
Non-stop service
Eliminates language barriers
Scalable across languages
Seamlessly imports training content
Sophisticated automation
Streamlined operations with data import
Collaborative shared inbox
Consistent support via shared platform
Power-packed features
Customizable chatbot appearance
Efficient query resolution
Unmatched customer support
Shared inbox for team communication
Reduces response times
Speeds up resolutions
Seamless data import
Shared inbox for omni-channel support
Reduced workload
Boosts engagement
Supports real-time training
Removes platform branding
Offers a ticketing system
API access
Unlimited training data import
Multi-channel messaging support
Offers service level agreements
Real-time dashboard
Custom analytics and reporting


Limited API access
Additional cost for responses
No code might limit customization
Brand removal costs extra
Requires manual data import
No stated speech recognition
No stated voice output
No evident CRM integration
No human fallback option
No evident sentiment analysis


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How does learn from user input?
Does offer multilingual support?
How does improve the quality of customer service?
How does help in automating sales processes?
In what ways does reduce operational expenses?
Is easy to set up for someone with no technical background?
Can be integrated with other commonly used apps?
How does customize its design according to the business?
What is intelligent user routing in
What kind of insights does's advanced analytics provide?
How does streamline workflows?
What is the reliability of's 24/7 customer service?
What languages does's multilingual support include?
How does handle customer support operations globally?
How does help in overcoming language barriers in customer service?
Can I use my own training content with
Can handle multiple queries in different languages simultaneously?
What are the pricing plans for
What features does Pro plan offer over the Basic plan?

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